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South Ea(s)t Asian Dreaming

South Ea(s)t Asian Dreaming

How many times have you longed to quit your job, pack your bags and escape into the golden sunset? How long have you wanted to escape the rat race, get out of the rut and explore the incredible world around you?

My name is Mindy Woods and I am doing just that. Leaving behind everything familiar, everything expected and everything grey to explore the Gourmet Earth that surrounds us. 

Join me as I set out to 'Eat,Drink,Travel & Play' my way through this gastronomic world discovering and sharing the unique and undoscovered of culinary and cultural experiences across the globe.


Keep an eye out for our unique online production which will capture these sensational experiences 'Eat, Drink, Travel, Play'.


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About gourmetearth

South Ea(s)t Asian Dreaming

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