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Passport & Plate - Chicken for your boyfriend

Belarus | Friday, 14 March 2014 | 5 photos

Chicken fillet
Sour cream
Wine (white)


How to prepare this recipe
Firstly, you should stew chicken in a pan with wine and juice of one tomato and salt. When the liquid in a pan is few it, add paprika. Let the chicken have a golden color and then get it out, dip into sauce (sour cream, cheese, oregano, flour) and send to the pan for 2-3 minutes. Serve with mussels, lemon and chives.


The story behind this recipe
I'm a blondie and it makes some fun to pretend a silly one. I told everybody I couldn't embrace scientific literature (though I've written several scientific works and even took places at the conferences - even in National Academy of Sciences Of Belarus), couldn't think logocally and mathematically (though I even worked as a teacher of Math and when I entered University I got 92 points out of 100), couldn't cook (though I really could!) So once I decided to make a surprise to my boyfriend and when he came to me I told him: "Just look and don't make comment on". While cooking he laughed from time to time, because he couldn't believe his eyes. But when everything was ready, he was too astonished to say a word! Later he told me that it was the best surprise he ever got!

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