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What Was I Thinking?!? Whilst in a foreign country, it is recommended to try new foods, learn the language, and alienate as many locals as possible.

Good Morning, China!

CHINA | Tuesday, 15 September 2009 | Views [1612] | Comments [4]

Fuck roosters, dude. We're in the city. They should not be crowing me awake at 6:30 in the morning. Or at 2:00 in the afternoon. Dicks.

Anyways, China's okay. I still feel stupid, but I've been hanging out more and more with Chinese girls, so that's super cool. The main ones are Vera, Victoria, and Gabriela. There's a guy named Endless (he's very cute) that we like hanging out with too, but it's mostly us girls. I think guys are scared of me. It's kinda hilarious actually. The way people stare at me, you'd think they've never seen a white girl before... Oh wait... ;)

Teaching is going... okay. Most of the classes are full of people who don't want to learn English, but there are a few who are so good that the poor things are very bored. I'm at a loss. And the textbook they gave us to teach is so difficult. I feel like none of them would understand the books if I taught them. I'm completely drowning in it. The worst part is that I can't get them to talk to me. I'll ask a question and know that they know the answer, but they won't tell me. GRRRRR. On an upside, there are a lot of cute boys in my classes. LOL

This past weekend was a mixed one. Saturday sucked monkey nuts. We were supposed to get a tour of Dalian City, like the big downtown part that's huge and full of interesting things to do. Instead, they dumped five Americans in the middle of it all with no one to point out interesting things, to help interpret when we didn't know the Chinese, or to help us order food that we'd want. Poor Coby ended up spending 60 yuan on something he couldn't eat because there was mayonnaise on it. It was bullshit. So we ended up wandering around Dalian for six fuckin hours in the hot sun doing absolutely nothing but looking at underground malls and not buying anything. UGH. Sunday was a blast though. We went to something called Golden Beach. We got to play in the ocean, and by we I mean Sarah and I because no one else was ballsy enough to go in. It was great. And then we all rented bikes and rode around. It was so much fun! The bikes were weird. We got side-by-side ones except Sarah who was the only one petite enough to ride the regular bikes. There were a lot of brides taking pictures in their dresses on the beach. We also got some really ridiculously hilarious pictures of us too. I have to steal some of them from Marisa and Coby (which I'll be doing today-ish) but they'll be posted. After the beach, we went to this cool place where the rocks formed an arch over the sea. We went on top of that and then down to the little market nearby. We saw this spider that was as big as a silver dollar there. You should've heard Sarah scream. It was epic.

Well, I'm gonna fiddle around with my compy and then get ready for the rest of today. Latas!

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Oh the epic Chinese shyness it is so much fun isn't it, not. At least my class is full of cute boys too...uh I mean men their not boys anymore. The only advice I got is keep plugging away (wow sounded like my dad that phrase is from like 1982 I apologize). They want to learn they are just used to being lectured in every class with no reason to participate, it just takes time. I sat in on one of Finn's class and they behaved perfectly, responded to all his questions it was awesome. He said it took him almost two months of constant encouragement to get them that way, so you can do it!!

  joshuapatterson23 Sep 15, 2009 1:59 PM


i fucking hate spiders.

  avoidthenastyones Sep 15, 2009 2:29 PM


So I read the tags at the end of your post, and I am a bit disturbed. I'm sure you did so randomly, but chance just so happened to craft this delightful little gem. "Endless teaching cute boys nut sucking."

I know right?

  cross Sep 15, 2009 11:21 PM


fucking china

  gA May 30, 2012 2:42 PM

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