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Passport & Plate - Unashamedly Ordinary Banana Muffins

USA | Thursday, 13 March 2014 | 5 photos

Believe it or not, I came quite close not to entering this contest. You’re looking for a mouth-watering recipe that’s been passed on for perhaps generations and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure my recipe would make the cut. It’s just an ordinary recipe, very simple to make and not especially unique. I wondered upon hundreds of entries, how mine would possibly stand out. Yet, no other recipe has quite the same meaning to me – this one is special. For it’s less about how I make it and more about why I make it. So bear with me as I tell you the story behind my very humble, unashamedly ordinary Banana Muffins.

I started making these muffins one day when I was off from work. My refrigerator was rather empty and all I could find were three overripe bananas. Why not, I thought? I found a Banana Muffin recipe that looked decent and got to work. I tend to be a bit rebellious when it comes to baking so I used the found recipe as a guide and sneaked in a few ingredients of my own. I didn’t have high expectations for these muffins but shared them with my family anyway. Imagine my surprise when they told me how great they were! In fact after tasting one myself, they were delicious! They were comforting, full of flavor and we ate them all. Ever since then my family request these muffins when they want something warm to eat for breakfast or dinner. My dad buys bananas and lets them get overripe just so I can make these muffins! I've found the ingredients that work the best and the recipe is now completely my own. Although it may not be the most exciting recipe in the world or a recipe that my family passed on years ago, it’s a recipe that brings joy to my family and that’s why it means so much to me!

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