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What I miss most about home

INDIA | Wednesday, 11 April 2007 | Views [3114] | Comments [1]

Well it has taken me some time (a few weeks) to feel settled here in Darjeeling. Now it all seems bearable and at the same time I really don't like it here. The hours without electricity, the rain and cold, the no running water, instant coffee, bathing by bucket and cup, studying by candlelight, rice everyday and the -still can’t get used to-noise of high decibel honking horns and barking dogs. It is hard to not be reminded of the contrast and utter simplicity of life here and to reflect on how I live in the west.. For instance, I was thinking this morning how at home I only like bath towels from Restoration Hardware. Here most locals use old t-shirts or hand me down towels that we wouldn’t even clean our floors with. No one has even heard of Egyptian cotton sheets or Turkish towels. They wouldn’t know the difference between Old Navy and Marc Jacobs. Converse and Camper. The subtleties between Belgium beers, olive oils, heirloom tomatoes. The difference between Starbucks and Peets (well no one has heard of Starbucks here and I think that is a good thing) They know nothing of wine (French,Californian,Italian,Argentinian,Australian,Chilean,German,Spanish,Italian) or good chocolate and never will. I wonder what life would be like for me if I hadn’t had the experience of a feather bed, a bubble bath, a glass of Cain Five in a reidel, eating in any ethnic New York restaurant, sipping a kettle one martini overlooking the Pacific ocean, a washing machine, a food processor, sailing in the Greek islands, Thai food in Thailand, high speed internet, cliff bars, sunrise in the desert, seared Ahi tuna and sashimi, the sound of quiet…Whole Foods. As much as I’ve traveled, I don’t think I really have ever stoped to really appreciate what I constantly take for granted? I realize now how much I really miss home and that I am glad I know the western world and it’s subtleties. My studies continue. Last week I moved to the Intermediate class. Unfortunately my brain still refuses to function and I struggle to find my place. Beginning to study with a new tutor and will stay focused to get over this learning curve. Did I mention that I am sharing the house I live in with a former monk from Gampo abbey (Matthew)? Some of you may know him. His presence keeps me reminded of dilgence and practice and the reasons I am here. I went to a nearby hill station last weekend called Kalimpong. (see all of the 4 photos I took) It was great to get out of town. It was beautiful, warm, lively…But for some reason now, I am stuck with a travel bug that is gnawing away. Things I miss about home First, the given are all my friends and family..Otherwise 1. Peets coffee 2. Endangered Species bat bar (dark chocolate with cocoa nibs) tied with Dagoba dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and chili 3. Evian (you know how much I love Evian) 4. Whole Foods salad bar 5. My vacuum cleaner 6. Mexican Food/ Sashimi (also tied) 7. Toms of Maine/Trader Joe’s 8. Any decent red wine (good stuff too) 9. Battlestar Gallactaca season Three (missed it) 10. A good porter or Stout 11. Whole Foods (really need to make a point here) 12. Jurlique 13. Bathtub (any one with do) 14. Did I forget Kettle one? I must sound like an alcoholic? Reality is that I have drank here 5 times in 3 months. Once was to try a Tibetan fermented millet drink called toongpa (tastes a bit like bad sake). The next, the final party at Pulllahari, where of course after not drinking for two months I got drunk on sangria (that I made) and, well, have a story for some of you. 15. Being in a place without screaming children 16. Western toilets (western bathrooms in general) 17. Washing Machines (Even Laundromats seem alluring from here) 18. Almond Milk/Rice Milk/Soy milk 19. Carb free /oil free/fresh 20. Massages,facials,pedicures..etc.

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Globalld, if I thought there was a way to send you a Bat Bar without it melting, I would! I received a link to your blog from my Google Alert. As someone with a desire to experience India and Thailand (and a thousand other places) I enjoyed reading about your wanders. Thanks for sharing.

- your friends at Endangered Species Chocolate

  Renee Apr 12, 2007 11:02 PM

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