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Prologue: Skin & Bones

THAILAND | Tuesday, 8 September 2015 | Views [299]

Welcome you savages!

 if you've managed to pick up this blog and start reading it i'd like to say thank you and sorry! thank you for taking the time to be lightly entertained, perhaps a little more informed about travelling and indirectly supporting a major event in my life that i have been dreaming of doing for as along as i can remember. The sorry is for the moments were i think i'm being funny but i'm not and the consistant failure both from my partner and i, to be gramatically compitant through out the duration of this blog, but enough of the arse grabbing and honey dicking and let me tell you a bit whats to come and why we decided to do that we are doing!...



I'm currently 27 and my name is Bao (FAQ: 1. how do you pronounce it? like cow but just b-ow 2. lol thats a funny name - why? because my parents are Vietnamese migrants and they decided it for me and i enjoy being ironically unique so i chose against anglocizing my name, 3. Are you mentally unstable because of all the teasing in school? Yes. Yes i am. i spent a lot of time crying in dark corners in alley ways before, after and during school.... lol JOKES....not jokes...hahaha.. help me) I'm also currently travelling with my parter Charlie who is also 27 years of age. I hail from the worlds most livable city known also as Melbourne and i'm an avid supporter and extremely proud of the city and suburb i come from, so excuse me if i go on rants about Melbourne from time to time and get carried away. My partner, Charlie hails from a city in Australia called Brisbane - a place where she is not so proud of calling home so we both just say shes from Melbourne and smile like nothing sad ever happened. We both have actively worked in the hospotality industry for many years, i five or so more years than Charlie and will continue our involvment in hospotality overseas BUT alas we are clouded by uncertainity as to wether our futures lie within the industry, an answer we hope to discover in our journey.  

to give you an idea of what we look like and better illustrate how sexually appealing our faces are, here are pictures of us  



How did we come to decide Canada you ask?

As young scally wags aimlessly running around with our arms flailing in the air, drool streaming from the sides of our giant smiling mouths and snot oozing from our noses offensively flapping in the wind like a flag caught in a hurricane, we had always dreamt of fairy tale worlds far away from the places we called home. Our imaginations ran wild from books and tv shows detailing of lands that were covered in snow, trees as high as sky scrapers, skies as blue as the ocean, a sun impossibly warm and inviting and cities that were so colourful and alive it seemed like a different world entirely. Our imaginations never let us forget it, the ticking hand of the clock and the years that went by propelled us further in to turning an idea and a dream in to an action and a reality, and so here we are backpacking through south east Asia on our way to live, work and travel through Canada for two whole years. This is the place that entertained our childhood imaginations the most, our now adult and vivid imaginations forfilled on one great continent.

What kind of garbage will you expect to read during this blog?

Ha, LET ME TELL YOU... Well, since this is my first blog and first travel experience you will be hearing about our trials and succeses travelling and in turn shedding some hints and tips, do's and dont's on how to get by backpacking at the expense of our joys and pains, short excerpts from informal conversations we have with unique and strange people we meet along the way, lots of food reviews, pictures, crayon drawings, his and hers perspectives were Charlie will shed some light on her point of view as a female and as a second point of view in general and of course a running update on our travels, learned wisdoms along the way, life changing moments, articles on political and controversial matters and of course comparitive views on cultural and lifestyle differences between humanity and all its glory. 

Too much? Too bad. 

I hope by reading this you are inspired to understand the world a little more, appreciate the lives you lead and all its intricate and finer details that make the bigger picture what it is, compelled to travel, see more, do more, live more, appreciate the people you have in your lives more and most importantly...

i hope it puts a big old faaaarkin smile on your face!


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