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London - Iii The London Journal - images of everyday rituals. People during their short break at work, people during work, architecture, by night and from top. Things that you cannot miss if you spend a few days there and observe the people and the city.

London - Iiii

GREECE | Monday, 14 January 2013 | Views [495]

East London: 5' break, is probably not enough!

East London: 5' break, is probably not enough!

London -Iiii is a journal that hosts photographs from my latest trip in London. 

My personal view of London is about the architectural model that is applyied on buildings and new developments, that are used to accommodate housing and/or offices.

London is usually identified with the Gregorian and Victorian style on its buildings, the brown and grey bricks and the 'Mairy Poppins' chimneys. The modern architecture that is applyied now in London is giving a new, fresh atmosphere, which I consider it as a 'break through' to the old traditional style, due to the mirroring windows, the glass, the sharp and cutting edges. I find that this modern style is getting closer to the fast moving environment that London has being the financial and cultural centre of Europe.

My other view of London concerns people, how they make their living and their working conditions. 

London is a city that relates to a strong social and financial status due to its strong economy and culture. However, things are not that bright and easy as they might seem to visitors. Some people when they wake up in the morning, they have to go and be out in the people in order to make their living. They do not have a warm, prestigious and trendy office to go to. A strong example are artists, who we meet everyday in any tube station (and not only), will set their instruments and will offer 'entertainment' to the passengers in order to collect a few pounds. The meaning of this reality is how hard it is to survive in a huge city like London, and the efforts some people need to make in order to enter their industry even if they are educated.

On the other hand though, we also see a woman taking her 5' break to have a cigarette. In this occasion, we examine that working indoors is not that bright either. Employees have many concers as well, which usually are related to work satisfaction, income and happiness in life. London has over 12,000,000 population, but in the everyday lifloot becomes very lonely. Human relationships are very hard due to cultural habits and mainly now due to technology. Human 'distance' and lack of intimacy knowledge. Worries, unhappiness, dissatisfaction and wonder is obvious in people's faces of any social status.

An additional view of London is night time. People leave their offices, but certain buildings never say 'good night'! The lights are on during all night, in order to keep the vibrant and live feeling even when everyone is supposed to be sleeping. 'We are awake' makes the city go on depending the area. South East London has become very trendy lately and for the people that are still walking around the area it provides the feeling that you are not allown. 

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