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30 October: Lazy Day and Ladyboys

THAILAND | Tuesday, 31 October 2017 | Views [456] | Comments [1]

Simon Cabaret From ThaiTicketMajor.com

Simon Cabaret From ThaiTicketMajor.com

After a long day and a later-than anticipated night last night, the decision was made to sleep in.  All of us have been waking up too early – time to try to pay back that sleep deficit.  It worked. We were all able to sleep in. The plan today was to explore Karon and maybe Kata Beach to the south and then attend a show this evening.

One of our team woke up with some stomach issues and decided to rest. My wife and I went to a familiar street in Karon to look for some fruit. She found some lumyai right away. My wife then checked a tour booking agent on the sidewalk and enquired about the show we wanted to see tonight. We were able to save an additional 40% by going with this agent and booked VIP seats for 4. Hungry, we ventured up a side alley where my wife wound up having a full lunch “snack” up the side alley.  On the way back to the room, we dipped our feet in a fish spa for 20 minutes. If you don’t know, that is where several hundred red garra, or “doctor fish” are in a tank. You submerge your feet and the fish basically nibble off the dry skin from your feet and lower legs.  Some people say this is risky, but the National Health Service in the UK says the risk for problems is quite low. It tickles like hell when you first put your feet in the tank though…. So there’s that. After the fish spa, we headed back to our room.

I took a short dip in our semi-private pool out the back door while my wife relaxed (and probably dozed from her lunch). Then I took a short walk around the strip to explore some more.  Finally, it was about time to head to our show… The world famous, Phuket Simon Cabaret.  This is a cabaret show that features some of the most extravagant “ladyboys” dancing in a Vegas-like show and performing musical numbers. If you are interested in what the show looks like, check out their official web site at http://phuket-simoncabaret.com/

We arrived early, settled into the lobby and had a drink. We had VIP seats – if you don’t then you basically have general admission and have to find open seats. So while the doors opened and the throngs of Chinese tourists bum-rushed the theater entrance, we sat calmly and finished our drinks. When the chaos settled, we entered the theater and were ushered to our seats. The show was flashy, colorful, and entertaining. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. Some of these ladyboys would fool you until they open their mouths to speak. They have undergone extensive transformations to look like beautiful women. Little known fact: My wife and I actually had a ladyboy cabaret show at our wedding for the entertainment. So we have been around plenty of them both then and through the years. We heard from a friend that one who had performed at our wedding was now working at Simon…. Couldn’t pick “her” out though.

After the show, all the performers lined up outside for pictures. Our friends got pictures with a number of the performers – capping off a great time had by all at the show.  To a person, we would recommend this show if you come to Phuket.

Afterwards, we jumped in a songthaew style tuk-tuk with a Hello Kitty theme that had pop and country music playing as we came back to the hotel. (It would take a paragraph or two just to explain that).  Our friends retired for the evening; my wife and I went down the street to get some dinner.

The meal was not what I am used to here in Phuket. The service was extremely attentive (which was great), but perhaps our order-taker was a bit misinformed. I asked if the cashew chicken was Thai or Chinese style, because I wanted Thai style. I was assured that it was. Well…. Wrong! It was bland – very bland. I didn’t make a scene, but when asked, I gave my honest opinion to the server. He offered to take it back, but I told him to bring me some dried red pepper and some nam pic pla (fish sauce, lime juice, chilis), I would make it work. I was really hungry and didn’t want to wait on a re-try.  As I looked around and listened to the customer conversations, it became apparent that this restaurant caters to a European crowd – specifically a Russian clientle.  So perhaps a little on the bland side suits their palate better. Nothing wrong with that… just don’t sell me on authentic Thai food when it falls short.

After dinner, we came back to pack up. We leave tomorrow for Chiang Mai.  My wife and I love Chiang Mai, its people, food, attitude, and historic temples. There’s more good stuff coming over the next week, I can assure you.

Thanks for taking time to read this journal.  If you enjoy it, share it with your friends and family.  Cheers.

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Another good story, thanks Chris

  John Lintz Oct 31, 2017 5:27 AM

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