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Gahaf Tounsi

About gahaf

My name is Ilyes. I am 26 years old and I grew up in Tunis. I have a master degree in management control and I was very active in many Association for the past eight years.

I am passionate about travelling, volenteering, photography, and recently of videography. So I was thinking to run a project where I can fully live my passion while creating a positive impact around me.

So I decided to travel around the world with my camera and with a budget of 100$ a month. I am running a blog and a facebook page where I post articles, videos and pictures to share about my experience.

I could travel all around India and Sri Lanka during 5 months, and I spent less then 400$. Now I am in Malaysia planning to visit the countries around during the next 5 months at least. before I try to go to Latin America

Through this experience, I am learning a lot about my self, about the world, about people, about photography and videography, about how to manage my time, my money, my relations... and I try to inspire your people from my country to do the same and to move out of their confort zone so they can discover their potential.