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Sunny & Nick's holiday: Chapter 1 Zanzibar

Tanzania | Tuesday, 15 June 2010 | 11 photos

The Afrique One job is completed! We finished in Ivory Coast at the end of May. Flavie returned back to UK, whilst I headed back to Tanzania to meet up with Nick for holiday-time. Nick had been in TZ for a few days making his way down from Kilimanjaro to Dar to meet me. Its a long story why Nick ended up flying in Kilimanjaro - but we thought he would have easy access to Lake Victoria from there for Nile punch (how the Tanzanians say perch) fishing, and I would make my way to meet him there. The rainy season meant he couldn't get there except on a 22 hour bus trip via Nairobi! So we made a new plan to head first to Zanzibar… what a place. The sand is soft and fine, and we snorkelled, windsurfed and dived over that fine coral reef (all in one day one time!). At times a false paradise though, we got quite stressed out by the hawkers on the beach.