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The fifth and final course

Cote dIvoire | Monday, 24 May 2010 | 13 photos

We came straight from finishing the course on the Friday in Senegal to deliver the course in Abidjan on teh Monday. So things were a bit hectic when we arrived, but the course organisers here, Nadege and Sylvain, came on Sunday for a meeting. Everything was ready for us. The interesting thing about this course was how it embodied what Afrique One is trying to achieve. It was given in BOTH French and English to Francophone and Anglophone students. There were 4 lovely Ghanans that came especially for the course, and the rest were from various institutions within Ivory Coast. Flavie and I gave the whole course together, and it was a real pleasure. Felt strange to be saying the words for the last time. The students were great and got a strong feeling at the end that they really gained a lot and appreciated the course. The last supper (drinks at a pub nearby) was really fun. They gave us lovely gifts of dresses and jewellry!