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My Scholarship entry - Magical Human-Animal Connections

Japan | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

Working in the field of Instrumentation and Control, I have been sent to several places across the globe to test instruments other equipment for power plants. During the construction period, where everything was still a mess, we had to crawl through tight and dirty spaces in order to get the job done. Seeing the instruments running well, after a hard day´s work, is surely fulfilling, but it does not even come close to the I´ve-nailed-it feeling I get after making a satisfying photograph even if I had to lie down on the dirt to get the shot.
These shots do not arrive in droves, however. My success rate is quite low but with them I hope to ignite something within the hearts of my viewers and send them somewhere, making photographs themselves, or doing something that they have written in their long-forgotten bucket lists.
I am usually drawn to the non-conventional ¨take¨ on things, as mirrored by my interest in Linux, unicycling, the strange v-for-victory grip in table tennis, and the non-cliché things that I photograph.

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