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AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 23 December 2006 | Views [842] | Comments [4]

One last saturday in Brisbane before i go!

I leave on Thursday and I'm on the coast from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning. Anyone who wants one last hug/bottom-pinch/hair-pull can contact me and we'll work something out.

ENORMOUS heartfelt warm fuzzy LOVE and thanks to all those who have:

a) helped me shop for appropriately warm stuff (swani: "Erica, put those shoes down, 'cute' won't matter when you're ankle deep in sleet. I want to see one inch soles and no less.")

b) lent me appropriately warm stuff (alyson: "Here, i'm too lazy to knit finish this scarf. If you can finish it, you can have it for Germany")

c) lent me incredibly useful stuff (amy: "take my backback! it has more zips and clips than you have brain cells! it will think for you!")

d) gave me helpful advice about the cold (kirsten: "i read somewhere that exposed flesh freezes in 20 seconds."), the travel (clare: "do not spend one single weekend relaxing in your hotel in essen."), the flight (alyson: "drink plenty of water on the flight"/mads*: "drink plenty of wine on the flight"), everything.  

d) said beautiful things and wished me luck and made me feel all warm and loved inside. THANKYOU. I'm going to miss that feeling of connectedness that I have with my treasured friends and I look forward to plugging back in :-) when i get back in march.

This will be the website to check for updates (which i imagine will consist of such mind-blowing prose pieces as - 'grocery shopping in a foreign language... what the hey???'). This saves you the mild irritation of those 'isn't travelling FUN!?!?' emails when you're staring down the barrel of another 9 hour day in a windowless office with a pile of work to do that's taller than you are. oh GI, i miss you already...

I went with these guys because they have a sexy web design (they told me so themselves) and i think they're affiliated with Lonely Planet so although they now hold an exclusive, perpetual, omniscient, etc licence over everything I write here, at least i know (or hope) it will be used for good and not evil. also there's no advertising to bother you.

Alright, watch this space.



PS - Brisbanites - tomorrow (Sunday) is packing day. anyone that wants to come over and drink tea, help me keep focussed and show me how to do it properly is IMMENSELY welcome. (cut to me sitting on the loungeroom floor behind a pile of bulky jumpers wondering what the hell to put in first... and eventually deciding that making a cup of tea sounds easier.)

*mads - for the last few months whenever I've told people I'm going to Germany, they invariably respond with 'aaah, sprechen Sie Deutsch?', which is sweet, because they're trying to be culturally aware and i respect that. Mads on the other hand, defying the status quo as always, responded with 'Achtung, baby!!!' demonstrating not only her impeccable taste in music but also her sparkling spirit (and i'm not just talking about the glass of champagne she subsequently placed in my hand) and colossal sense of humour.

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yay! I made it to your blog! I love a good blog - and a travel blog most of all! Let alone a travel blog of someone I know who's doing the travelling!!

I resisted saying my one well-known phrase of German to you... that my dad ("farter" *snicker*) used to say: Das ist verboten! While looking sternly over his bifocals and under a raised eyebrow. I was 11 when we went to Germany, and I'll always remember the Kris Kringle market, amongst other bits.

Live the dream baby! And keep writing! (although not necessarily in German, for the rest of us who went for the romance languages!)

  kirsten Dec 28, 2006 11:36 AM


I love your journal... what a wunderbar idea - maybe my bad attempt at translating "hope you meet a lot of cute guys" in your leaving card should be changed to "hope you meet a husband"! Enjoy your flight... drink lots of water (yes, the alcohol is free but you feel worse than any hangover you have ever had!), mind you, you might as well try it once just to see. Hope you find that European Husband and if you don't, enjoy yourself finding one... and you can only do that by NOT staying in your room in Essen on the weekend... as previously advised! Clare

  Clare Dec 28, 2006 2:07 PM


aw, comments! you guys are awesome - thankyou!! :-)

  ez Dec 28, 2006 5:41 PM


Nice site mate cant wait for the updates. Give out the site address to any struggling artists that you meet and translate for me will you LOL Thanks

  John Young Dec 28, 2006 6:15 PM

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