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Australia 2012

Crikey!! A CROC!

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 24 January 2012 | Views [644] | Comments [2]

Hello all...

We have now been in Oz for 24 days.

So I'll start this blog talking about the koala sanctuary in Brisbane since I forgot to in the other one.

After taking a short bus ride just outside the city, we came to the "Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary". It was basically like a big zoo, but every species is native to Australia. And let me tell ya, they have lots of awesome creatures here! Tons and tons of different beautifully coloured birds, (with some that even talked), little lizards and big lizards all the way up to the croc, also; dingos, tasmanian devils, snakes, and the list goes on... Oh, and of course koalas! Tons and tons of adorable koalas that you can "cuddle" and get your picture take with. We also got to feed and pet kangaroos. All in all, it was a great day, seeing and learning all about Australias many creatures.

Now back to Cairns...

When we first got here, we were very optimistic. It's a pretty little old town with its roots in first a gold rush, then sugarcane farming, and now mostly just tourism as it is one of the closest cities to the Great Barrier Reef. We liked the small town feel and also that things were much cheaper here than in Brisbane. We even started working at the hostel for three hours a day cleaning the bathrooms for free rent, breakfast, and supper. We thought we would easily get jobs here and then get an apartment.

Well, things aren't looking so good anymore...

We are getting pretty sick of cleaning disgusting toilets and the breakfast is only served till 9, the free supper is basically glorified macaronie and cheese, and the rainy season is just beginning here in Cairns, making it even more humid and, well, rainy.

We also wanted to buy a vehicle, get out of here, and drive down the coast to Melbourne, but it would take two weeks to get a licence, and we really don't want to stay here another two weeks cleaning toilets.

The good news I suppose is that we got to see the Great Barrier Reef and a crocodile farm.

The GBR was pretty amazing. We took a big boat out to the outer reef where most boats aren't allowed to go, and we got to snorkel three different areas of the reef. The first spot had quite a big current and lots of jellyfish though, so it wasn't my favourite. I actually got stung by a couple jellyfish (even with a lycra suit on). Once on the face, and once on the arm. The one on my arm stung for about 15 mins, but I kept on snorkeling. Other than that it was a great experience. We saw tons of different brightly coloured fish, a giant clam, and a few turtles! The boat also supplied us with tea, coffee and a ligh snack before we left, then a big lunch, and then more tea and cake to end the day. It was great!

Then the other day we went on a crocodile cruise which ended at a crocodile farm. On the cruise, we actually never got to see any wild crocs because the tide was too high, so that was a bit of a bummer, but once we got to the farm, we saw lots! The farm is the major supplier to Louis Vuiton and some other very high end companies. They sell them the leather for thousands of dollars. Then they send the meat over to differet restaurants. It was definitely interesting... Also creepy... Creepy to think that these ancient animals share the city with people.

Other than that, we have just been job hunting (with no success), and cleaning...

I really want to go into the rainforest before we leave, but money is getting thin, and I think we might just move on to another city and try our luck there.

I think our next plan of action is to try fruit picking. It is tedious, and if you don't find a place that pays you per hour, its pointless, but we are not sure what else to do.

Hope some luck comes our way soon...

Next blog might be from Melbourne.



jeez guys, go to BYRON BAY! its amazing... you'll love it... its just south of brisbane... super cool little town. get bartending jobs. at the beach hotel, (its right on the beach !! ) minimum wage is like 18 bucks an hour! anyway, thats what i would do! hope ur having ffffun. watch out for red back spiders ;)

  Jillian Jan 26, 2012 5:55 AM


Sounds like you are seeing lots of Australian icons that I think of when I think of Australia. Koala bears, crocodiles, GBR... I hope you can find a job so you can see all you want to. Our weather has been so "not like winter" it's been great. Not quite like the beautiful summer weather you are experiencing... but nice for here. Hope the toilet cleaning doesn't get you down too much. HI to Scot

  Auntie Carol Feb 1, 2012 9:00 AM

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