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Mexican Pottery Workshop

A mexican pottery workshop

Mexico | Sunday, 7 July 2013 | 4 photos

This scholarship is an amazing opportunity, apart from the monetary value, the learning that is obtained can’t be measured with money. With this experience I would have access to knowledges that Jason has acquired during all his career, and that during the assignment in Greenland, I would be able to learn much of this knowledge.

I think that im a person with a great perseverance, which strains and fights for what i want to obtain, up to achieving it, and since I have achieved it, continue beyond, taking advantage of the learning obtained of the way towards my principal goal. I always try to improve and learn the most of every situation in my life, good or bad, always there’s something to learn of everything. Lover of Mexico and the world. I always said that a challenge is an opportunity to grow, since a challenge always leaves some learning that some day will make effect in us and we will be able to apply it. In the photography always there is something new to learn, and if its about of sharing time with someone like Jason Edwards, is a lot what we can learn.

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