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Dustin Kerschtien Travel Photography The trials and tribulations of my 875 day trip 'round the world; 2012~2014.

About dustinkersch

I consider myself to be a travel photographer after I quit my career in science, sold my house and traveled the world for 875 days. My main goal was to inspire people to travel and I acheived that through incredible photography and writing. 

Most people though I was crazy. After visiting Nepal in 2008 with my parents on a month long backpacking trip I came home to Canada and bought a house. Four years later I was without a job, house, bills and all the other sort of responsibilities that tie you down to where you are right now. I bought a backpack, a ticket to Burning Man 2012 and a one way flight to Peru. 

Now back home in Canada saving and plotting for the next advanture. 


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