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Black Out!!

BOTSWANA | Thursday, 27 February 2014 | Views [316]

Ahhhhh, Haiti!!! Oh wait, I'm still in Gaborone! So today was a very laid back day. Once again, waking up at 3am, unable to go back to sleep, I sat around surfing the net and pretty much being mindless, waiting for doc to come take me with her on her errands. Silly me wasn't paying attention to time or text and she showed up having to wait on me to get ready. I realy wanted to take the ride with her to the Ministry of Health office to submit the request for approval for her research. Even though she got IRB approval, must get the stamp of approval from the government. Such is politics! Anywho, we dropped of those papers, went to do some grocery shopping and I was back at Hana by noon. Desperately needing a nap, SLEEP, just went straight to my room and conked out. When I got up, went to chat with Kopo (receptionist? front desk?) for a few then back to the room I went. There really wasn't much else to do or that I was up for doing. Mind still very foggy. Not really interested in getting school work done so laid in bed, especially since black out hit the village (the village as in greenwich vlg, section area. not necessarily because the area is full-on village-y in the traditional sense).

So from 1 unter after 8 or maybe 9pm black out and all I could do is bring out the tablet and finish reading "Netsuke" while mosquitos ate away at me! The windows had to be opened because of the blackout in the area so no AC. Despite me spraying repellent all over, those darn mosquitos made their way up my nose! At least my crotch was spared. So, hence the reflection on Haiti! Having kept in mind the possibility Gabo could be similar to Haiti, I came prepared with flashlight, lots of repellent (not so helpful much), matches and other emergency items. Black out? So what! No problem. Although, Mr. Shin (sp?) did bring back portable laterns for all the rooms.

So Hana Guest House is/was the personal residence of this Korean family who own an electric company(?). Their 2 daughters are in their 20's, residing in Australia and the mom recently moved their to join them. Dad to follow at some point. For now, he has brought his younger brother to Gabo to learn the business and take over...as the story goes.

The house is maintained by Ma Honest, housekeeper; Ma Margaret, cook and housekeeping as well; Eric, the groundsman; Kopo, receptionist etc,; her husband Casy helps out from time to time (he studied engineering in Australia for 5 years and they have an 18 month old daughter, Mia), and Leti (sp?) the IT who hooked up the WiFi quite nicely. No complaints from me about the WiFi service at all. I'm able to get on my remote desktop and knock off some work work. Yes, I know! Crazy of me to be doing work work while technically on vacation. Whatever, that's how I am. Would rather do it then burden others. This way I can always take off work for such adventures without (much) qualms. Being able to work like this is my means of survival with the mundane. If only I can muster up the desire to get going on some homework. Those darn papers require more of me than I have energy or interest to give. Goodness, I'm living my eduction yet need to play this "game" Such is the price for wanting to stomp with the "big dogs". That PhD is universal so must put in my dues for it. That's all for now. Until next time.

Similar to the Blue Mango Lodge, Hana Guest House is quaint and cozy. I have a good vibe about the place.

I am truly blessed and grateful (and a persistent stalker...shhhh)

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