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The Kirwan Twins Adventures We've finally graduated, so we're setting off for three months to backpack around India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand before entering the "real world."


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Ecuador vs. Peru

ECUADOR | Saturday, 1 Dec 2007 | Views [596]

The preliminaries for the World Cup are currently underway.  Ecuador has already lost miserably to Venezuela and Brazil.  Today is Ecuador vs. Peru.  For those unaware of the significance of this game, Ecuador and Peru have a heated history of territorial ... Read more >

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ECUADOR | Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007 | Views [817]

Vicente, Antonio, and I gathered in Vicente's house to learn Kichwa.  Our teacher was Victoria, an indigenous woman from Riobamba who worked as a community educator and helped facilitate World Neighbors workshops.  We huddled on a couch facing the eraser ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Mourning in the Morning, Until the Afternoon

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007 | Views [2687]

The phone rang at 3 in the morning and was followed by the incessant howl of sad human beings and a dog.  I willed myself to sleep, cloaking these telling signs with dreams, though a mourning household leaves little peace even for dreaming.  So I rose ... Read more >

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Welcome to Riobamba

ECUADOR | Friday, 5 Oct 2007 | Views [573]

According to my taxista, I´ve arrived in the most dangerous barrio of Riobamba.  This minor piece of news does little to abate my throbbing head which has been successfully clouded with carbon emissions from my three-hour bus ride from Quito.... Read more >

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Oh, The United States of America

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007 | Views [553]

Today, Fulbright grantees were ordered to appear at the US Embassy for a security briefing.  Our global, academic group was intermingled with four new embassy employees, and various embassy veterans administered the entire group.  First we were obliged ... Read more >

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Angkor WHAT?

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 26 Apr 2007 | Views [762]

Our first stop in Cambodia was Siem Riep, home to Angkor Wat, an ancient city of temples vying for a spot as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Thanks to the eager staff at the Dead Fish, we found a wonderful tuk-tuk driver named Merci, who ... Read more >

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The city tour begins...

INDIA | Monday, 26 Mar 2007 | Views [1460] | Comments [6]

As we mournfully left the stunning beaches of Varkala we were beginning to wonder whether we should have gotten "stuck" there just a smidgeon longer. At a godawful hour in the dingy morning we hopped on a local train to Kerala's main city, ... Read more >

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Sensory Overload!!

INDIA | Monday, 26 Mar 2007 | Views [646] | Comments [1]

In India, there seemes to be a constant battle of the senses. One moment you can be walking down the street and your nostrils are filled with the welcoming aroma of spices and deep fried food. Your tase buds come alert with pleasure and your mouth ... Read more >

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