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Children of Asia

My Photo Scholarship 2011 Entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

Life is photogenic and I have a camera!

Pictures help me re-live moments and refresh memories – I keep some; I share some. I saw a story behind every face in my journal and I see an underdeveloped-in-developing-countries connection when I put them all together in a thread. As I sit and compare the life and the lifestyle of others to my own, I realize how privileged I am (sometimes, the reality hits hard!).

I have enjoyed capturing priceless moments from joyous smiles to silk moths mating in a coconut shell, a monkey on a bike, kids in playful moods, a spider weaving a web, the yawn of a lion, a dragon fly doing a balancing act on a tiny twig, a giraffe munching on the top most branch of a tree, a rabbit nibbling grass, a pigeon chick growing up in its nest in my balcony, an elephant with its mouth wide open, a moth-eaten sunflower leaf and a sleeping newborn infant. There is no dearth of such moments if we are observant and are willing to explore.

Ten people might look outside the same window and notice ten different things; I wish to show the world what I saw and felt at that moment through my lens. I wish to reach the point where people return to my images to see what I have to show them, where I can convey a message, promote an idea or evoke a strong thought.

To reflect and affect the lives of the less privileged human and animal communities around the world using a composition with the right exposure and the correct focus is my chief motivation, and I believe that this opportunity has the potential to change my life and show me the way.

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