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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the E! Network show, “Married to Jonas,” along side my family.  From this, I was able to gain a solid social media following which helped grow my food blogging venture.  To my family and friends I am the house you go to for something good to eat.  

When I book travel I am not concerned about staying at the best hotel or seeing all the monuments.  Instead, I am trying to find monumental experiences through food. Wherever I travel I always try to take a cooking class.  What better way to get to know the history, culture, or people in any given place?  By cooking alongside those who know the country’s indigenous ingredients inside and out, I feel that is a glimpse into the heart of where you are.  Instead of looking to guidebooks for the popular restaurants, I am scouring the blogs and asking locals in search of the little place tucked away.   I have sought out eco-farms, markets, cooking schools, and some fancy five stars along the way.  The experiences I have had through, not only eating the food, but also working with it, is how I long to experience my trips.  Working with my husband, I have captured these through video, photography, and blogging.  

Although I have been fortunate enough to travel, I still yearn for an experience that is truly my own.  I have the hope that my journey will inspire others to take what they love to the next level by taking a risk.  That is what Passport to Plate will mean for me.

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