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Canada: Lake Huron Storm Went storm chasing: found one! While out on one of my many adventures, a sunny walk on the beach turned more dramatic as the storm moved in. The alarming fall in the lake’s water level made me realize that I was seeing climate change in action.

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On Location

Devin Casey. Born 1963, Ottawa, Canada. Certificate in Advertising and Graphic Design, Humber College, Toronto, Canada.

Landscape photography forms the basis of my environmental activism: I am particularly concerned about the fate of Canada's Arctic icescapes and Ontario's Great Lakes, which comprise a large percentage of the world's fresh water supply.

After college, I worked in retail advertising for 15 years, which taught me the power of images in conveying a message to the public. When desktop publishing took over, I traded my shiny shoes for work boots and went outside. Time spent in the wilderness of Canada and the US showed me just what is at risk, and my family's embracing of our Metis heritage gave me a new sense of responsibility for the future of our Earth.

I use my work to share my love of the natural world, and I hope to inspire others to care for it as I do, and to take action to protect it.

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