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My Scholarship entry - An escape in India

India | Monday, 10 November 2014 | 5 photos

We live in a world of rapid progress, of doing better, earning more and never quite be where we want to be. We just need to get a little better paid, drive a little faster cars, buy a little bigger houses and hang out with a little cooler people. But the fact is that most of us are surrounded by good things, just sometimes, we forget to look for them.

Photography triggers me in many ways. Firstly, my imagination. I see stories everywhere, and through my camera I can capture them. Secondly, I'm a lighting designer, always looking for beauty in light and shadows. Thirdly, I have an alternative way of looking at the world, partly due to me being color blind. Some might think it's a weakness. I think the opposite. It makes me look for different things, makes me a bit unique .

Traveling in Peru and the Amazon with a world class photographer would be a dream. Damp rain forests, majestic mountains, mysterious ruins. Incredible! I have an adventurous spirit, love to explore and immerse myself in new cultures, and I'm used to sleep in tents and walk long days in the mountains. This scholarship would teach me so much, motivate me greatly, and could be a door to a life as a photographer.

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