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Update: I am in Arizona again and here are my thoughts....

USA | Thursday, 8 May 2008 | Views [363]


It has been a while since I last blogged on this page. My life has been a bit crazy. I have definitely had mixed reviews about my trip to Israel, but for better or worse it has changed my views on life.

I have definitely devoted many hours to updating people on world events and political issues, with occasional opinions of my own. But after visiting a country shrouded in biased opinions and media coverage, I am not as passionate about politics anymore.

Politics in itself is worthless. I know what many of you are thinking, but it is empty and full of hypocrites on every side. The world is corrupt and sin is decaying our planet. Many people believe in diplomacy! That we can talk to everyone and reason with everyone.

How many people have tried going to the worst part of town and negotiating with a gang member? How many people watch CSI? How many people lock their doors at night? One more: How many people stop and have lunch with a homeless person?

Having lunch with a homeless person....hmmmm...What could that have to do with anything. Human nature! Survival of the fittest? Pride!

How about the age old arguement that religion has been the cause of almost every war! But the answer is NO. War is started by Pride. You think your race is superior, your have a right to someone elses property, or your religion gives you the right to do anything! Pride is what makes a person hurt another. It gives you power over another human (even for a breif moment).

Many of us will not do horrific crimes against humanity. But their are evil people in this world who will! Since the fall of man, at the beginning of creation, there has been evil. The Bible talks about how sin has corrupted this world and is embedded in us from birth. An ancient path passed down through each generation.

The only salvation from this path of sin and destruction is the Lord Jesus Christ. He broke the evil and it's hold on us by paying the ultimate price of death on the cross. He bore what we should all have to take as our judgement. In doing so we can be cleansed of our past and take our seat with our Heavenly Father, God!

But this does not take away the corruption left in this world. Many will choose to be apart from Him. Many will choose evil and destruction. This was all prophecied over 2000 years ago in books such as Isaiah and Ezekiel, not to mention Revelations.

There are many God has called to stand up against evil in government positions, but ultimately they are holding back evil, not stopping it! That is why our faith must be in Jesus Christ and God's word. Our time is short and this is not our world! We are hear to spread the love of the Most High God and be a light in a dark world.

Do not get comfortable here. Do not put your trust in men to save you. Do not worry about the future!

But we must be informed....Informed on how to pray. How to help those in need. How to know who is in need. How to pray for those men and women that God puts in political positions to stand against evil. How to pray for our enemies and forgive them. How to love every culture and race. How to comfort them and see their hurts How to bear eachothers burdens and love them unconditionally.

Love the person, but hate the sin.

Pray for everyone!
Plan for years of God's work!
But prepare for His coming today!

We only have one short life! Make God proud! Stand in the light and love your enemies!

I want my knees bloody when I get to heaven! - Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin: Epicenter Conference

In Christ!

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