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Gallery: Riobamba

ECUADOR | Friday, 25 Aug 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Beautiful Kaos

PERU | Monday, 14 Aug 2006 | Views [1760]

Well, I have been in a city North of Lima for the last 3 days called Huarraz, the gateway to the Cordillera blanca, in the department of Ancash (meaning "blue" in Quechua, named so, to me, for quite obvious reasons involving the quality of ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


PERU | Monday, 14 Aug 2006 | Views [780]

I spent 3 days in the Northern Peruvian city of Cajamarca which was time well spent and enjoyed. The whole northern part of Peru is largely neglected by tourists, who usually seem to follow the gringo trail down south - Big mistake! Cajamarca is a ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Chan Chan and the Lands of Sand

PERU | Sunday, 6 Aug 2006 | Views [2594] | Comments [1]

This week I have been traveling around the northern coastal regions of Peru. I have visited Piura, Chiclayo and now I am in Trujillo (Which I have to say is by far the best of the 3!)  The cities in this area, to me, are less than impressive but luckily ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

The Border Crossing

PERU | Wednesday, 2 Aug 2006 | Views [961] | Comments [4]

The border crossing into Peru was a little bit traumatic for me and I am still feeling a little bit raw about it I have to say! I crossed into Peru at the borer coastal town of Huaquillas. The minute I stepped off the bus I was jumped on by a number ... Read more >

Tags: Scams & Robberies

A Non-Eventful Month

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 2 Aug 2006 | Views [710]

Well, it seems that I have a lot of time to account for but not too much to tell! Since I got back from Colombia I have been in Ecuador... In the first week back, I went to Riobamba (in central Ecuador) where I stayed a week, visting little towns in ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Gallery: Ciudad Perdida

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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The Lost (But Now Found!) City

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006 | Views [3923] | Comments [3]

My last 6 days have been spent hiking to the "Ciudad Perdida" (The lost city) which is, true to its name, a city built around 1000 years ago, forgotten, lost and swallowed up by the jungle for a very long time, only to be rediscovered ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

The Interesting South American "Style".

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006 | Views [1425] | Comments [6]

I am now in the sweltering heats of Cartagena, Colombia... The city is an absolute gem - Unbelievabley beautiful and much cleaner than anything I ever experienced in Ecuador. The city has a timeless air to it... When here, you feel as though you could ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Gallery: Cartagena

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Cotopaxi

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Panama Canal

PANAMA | Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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The Blind Adventure

ECUADOR | Saturday, 10 Jun 2006 | Views [813] | Comments [2]

The blind trip to Mindo... I embarked on a trip to Mindo on Thursday of pure faith, based on a recommendation from someone that I had met in Ibarra. I did not know where it was, how far it was, what it looked like or any other information except that ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Gallery: Mindo

ECUADOR | Monday, 5 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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ECUADOR | Tuesday, 30 May 2006 | Views [2253]

I have been in the Imbabura proivnce now for over a week (A week longer than expected!) and even though I am loving every mintute here I think that I have overstayed my welcome! This week has been one of interesting adventures and new experiences...... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

Gallery: Imbabura

ECUADOR | Monday, 29 May 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Quito

ECUADOR | Sunday, 28 May 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Quito... Hmmmmm

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 16 May 2006 | Views [771] | Comments [2]

Well... I have now been in Quito for a week now and am starting to get a good picture of the lifestyle, the people and the culture here. I am still living in the same hotel on Rocafuerte in the Centro Historico because I like the area and honestly I ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Finally Here After a Looooong Trip!

ECUADOR | Thursday, 11 May 2006 | Views [699] | Comments [2]

Well... If the trip over here was any indication of what is yet to come I should be feeling a little apreshensive I think. Firtly, My first plane from Sydney was delayed because there were really strong winds at Sydney airport so I missed my connecting ... Read more >

Tags: Woops!

The Last Supper

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 8 May 2006 | Views [513] | Comments [1]

The Last Supper... A little dramatic perhaps?   The posse came over on Saturday night for one last bash. Good food, wine, music and great company... What more could a girl ask for? The highlight of the evening had to have been my brother's warm and fuzzy ... Read more >

Tags: Goodbyes

Gallery: The Last Supper

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 7 May 2006 | Photo Gallery

6 May 2006
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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 11 Apr 2006 | Views [447]

8th of May 2006 . I leave Melbourne at 8am (Yippee! A 4am morning rise- Fantastic! I have friends and family fighting over who will take me to the airport at this ungodly hour of course!). I arrive in Santiago de Chile on the 8th of May at midday ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

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