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Solo Claire

Advice for travellers to Buenos Aires / Argentina (Liz, Liz and Paul this is especially for ye)

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 2 December 2008 | Views [397] | Comments [1]

  • Argentina is huge - add at least an extra month onto how long you planned to come for. Buses are very plush which is just as well cos the journeys take literally a day
  • Be careful when mentioning wanting to go watch Boca Juniors - quite a lot of porteños support River Plate (even though they are currently bottom of the league - would like to make a smart comment about them being the Liverpool of Argentina but seeing as how ´Pool are doing well - they are like the Spurs of Argentina - glorious history but currently can´t kick snow off a rope)  
  • Do not look up at the beautiful architecture in Buenos Aires - keep eyes focused on the ground at all times. Even while looking at the ground there is a fair chance you will still step in dog shit.
  • When using the subte or colectivos in B.A. always swing your bag round to the front - you will notice even the locals doing this - lots of stories about stuff being swiped out of bags otherwise.
  • Do not leave your house before 2am on a weekend night - the night only begins at 2:30 / 3am.
  • When drinking mate do not touch the bombilla (spoon /straw thing) and you have to drink the lot before handing it back as it is bad manners not to - even though it tastes like bitter green tea that has been stewing for hours.
  • The indigenous people of Argentina wouldn´t spend a summer in Buenos Aires because of the heat and humidity. Ignore the fact that 13 million people live there now and follow the sensible Indians´ lead.
  • If travelling from Buenos Aires to Bariloche -remember to check time zones. This will prevent you from getting out of bed at 7am instead of 8 for an excursion - especially not good when you celebrate a Costa Rican´s Birthday the previous night and don´t go to bed til 2.30
  • Always remember to bring your towel when going white water rafting - tshirts are not the best for drying yourself.
  • Try to carry two pairs of closed toe shoes - that way you won´t have to wear flipflops after rafting and freeze your poor tootsies off.
  • Try not to become annoyed when the 50,000,000th person asks you are you travelling alone and then looks at you like you are not all there because of it. I´m thinking of buying a blow up doll that I can introduce as my friend - His name will be Paddy Murphy. I reckon people here would find it less strange than travelling solo.
  • Expect every Argentinian to ask you your age - it appears to be a national obsession. No idea why but there you go. 
  • Enjoy the markets but don´t buy anything that needs to be sent home - and if you do, be warned that DHL charge in US dollars not pesos so what you think is slightly expensive is actually crazily expensive.

That´s all for now but am sure there will be more...



Hi Missus, who needs Lonely planet when we got u. That was fab. sorry only reading your blog now but i can't wait to have a good read thru. Hope you rung in 2009 in style.
Chat soon and thanks again

  Liz H Jan 3, 2009 7:56 PM

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