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Day 2 of work

USA | Monday, 28 November 2011 | Views [360] | Comments [1]

Third time is a charm, I hope. I don't know where my stories go... istanabul perhaps. Anyways, yesterday was day two of work on the farm. We collected all the branches we had thrown inthe road on Saturday and threw them in the area where the chipper will be parked. Then we wnet spraying the coffee trees with fertilizer and a fungus called bosiana (SP?)that is used to kill the borer bettle. I am the hoser. it is a job title I gave myself. Bebo cooks up this cocktail of composted donkey poop, bone meal, something called green sand, maolasses, kelp, fish emulsion and the bosiana. Everything goes in a giant nylon bag suspended in a giant tub of water and cooks for 24 hours. We pump it out of the tub into 2 55 gallon barrels and take off on thte farm roads to spray the trees using a generator and a power washer. The roads we call 'lavacoasters. They were all made by hand by the original Japanese owners. The roads are made out of piled up lava rock and are pretty scary - sometiimes I get out and walk. Anyways, we pull up to a site, Phil jumps out and decides where he is going to spray. I am the hose wrangler, 150 feet of hose. I follow him and pay out the hose, as he works his way back to teh road, he yells 'pull' and I rell in the hose, and yell to Anthony 'pull.' We drive down the road and do it over agaiin. Phil is the sprayer, me the hoser, Henry is the machine master, and Anthony is the driver.

I was standing and waiting for them to get the pump primed, and I was watching the sweat run down my nose, onto my glasses, and then run along the bottom of the lenses, and finally drip off. I was soaking wet from sweat and a light, misty rain, and absolutely happy to be dripping wet. I like the work I do, I like the people I work with - we are a good crew, and I like being a member of the team. We all confer, all opinions are welcome, my contributino is appreciated, and we get along very well. Lots of laughter and joking around. Good work, good food, and beautiful scenery - what more could a person ask?

I had some other observations, but that was so yesterday and two attempts at telling the story. Anyway, as I was sitting in my Shed Spread, I noticed the beautful golden rays of the setting sun highlight my Hanes, hanging ona wire across my room. So much beauty...



I'm just getting caught up on the entries...wow! So many new things, changes, and adjustments...but all seemingly positive once you get past the shock of it all! Haha. It sounds challenging in some respects, but very rewarding. I'm so happy you're fitting in with your crew so well. Working 8-noon each day for all of your meals and a twin bed in a shed doesn't seem so bad to me! Plus all the sweat is good for detox, and you definitely had a lot of that to do. Great job girl. Thanks for the posts!

  Katy Nov 30, 2011 1:45 PM

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