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The rest of Belgium/The Netherlands

NETHERLANDS | Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | Views [535]

No offense to anyone from Belgium or The Netherlands, but I just lost the energy to finish my travelogue about my trip to these places because there just weren't enough interesting things that happened to fuel my drive for writing. I blame myself though ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, belgium, the netherlands

Belgium Day 3: Ghent

BELGIUM | Tuesday, 1 Dec 2009 | Views [661]

We said goodbye to Jeff and Magda on the morning of Day 3 and checked out of Het Singelhuis. Magda drove us to the train station, and we took a train to Ghent. Or Gent. It's cool both ways. The problem with Ghent is, the thing I remember most about ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, ghent

Belgium Day 2: Ypres

BELGIUM | Sunday, 15 Nov 2009 | Views [2623]

Ypres was kind of a mistake. Well the whole day was full of mistakes. I decided to squeeze a day trip to Ypres into our schedule at the last minute, and it seemed to me that out of the 14 days we had, Day 2 was the only one that could be spared for this ... Read more >

Tags: antwerp, belgium, in flanders field, trains, world war i, ypres

Belgium Day 1: Antwerp

BELGIUM | Thursday, 12 Nov 2009 | Views [747]

We met the nicest people in Antwerp - the nicest people we met on the entire trip, and the nicest people we've met on any trip. When we arrived in Antwerp, we were flush with newly exchanged Euros, but all of our money was in notes, and we had to have ... Read more >

Tags: antwerp, belgium

Belgium/Holland itinerary

BELGIUM | Monday, 28 Sep 2009 | Views [2648] | Comments [2]

This is our itinerary for the trip: Fri 16th Oct : Depart from Singapore to Amsterdam on Malaysian Airlines, with a 1-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Sat 17th Oct : Arrival in Schiphol, Amsterdam. We'll immediately take an InterCity train to ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, holland, itinerary

Pointless paranoia

SINGAPORE | Monday, 28 Sep 2009 | Views [745]

Rereading all the travelogues I've uploaded here is making me even more excited about my upcoming trip. I've been planning for it since June, quite obsessively actually, so I really hope all goes well and nobody almost dies. Or dies.  It'll be my ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, holland

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