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Seattle in a Flash :)

USA | Sunday, 6 September 2009 | Views [213]

Hey Everyone,
Wow I been here more than a week, and I have had an awesome time. But now it is time for me to move on up to Whistler and find some accomodation and a job. I have been told that neither should be too much of a problem. I am heading up there Tomorrow (Tuesday) so should be fun.

But Friday morning we got in the car and drove to Seattle... this was not with out its usual troubles... the USA Border Protection is really strict now which is fine... you just gotta be good. We were good... but in the car you have... David... a Canadian Citizen, Marina... an American Citizen, and Myself... an Australian. I will let you do the Math! They decided to make us line up to get our Passports stamped and me a visitor visa... in the half hour line up at the desk... they LOST our Passports! which as interesting as it gets... I couldnt go one way or the other with out my Passport. After the guy behind the counter searched for about 30 mins he finally found them somewhere. FREEDOM to go into the USA!!!

Then on the Highway on the way down to Seattle we got pulled over by a State Trooper who must have been bored or something. I think Dave was doing 5mph over the speed limit, and gave us a warning and let us on our way...

After cruising the rest of the way to Seattle, we got to Marina's Dads place. Nice 2 storey place set up in a place called Kent, which is a suburb of Seattle. After realising it was 4pm and we had not eaten since early morning we went to a place called "Applebees" which had all this yummy food...

After dinner we went to the point across the harbour from the city skyline and went for a drive around the point. after sunset, we went into town and had a look at the space needle and a big fountain... I unfortunatly lost these photos, but I might head back down next summer some time for some more... but it was awesome at night... trust me :)

We got up early the next day to have breakfast and put dinner on... dinner was ribs  *yum* breakfast was sausages, scrambled eggs, and like a mini crossant thing... so yum!!

We had a really interesting tour *underground Seattle* was all about the history of Seattle. Seattle basically burnt down in a massive fire, well most of it anyways. but after rebuilding some of it they decided to put a porper sewage system in it... but in order for it to work it had to be above the current street level. To solve this, the built walls around every street block at certain heights and built up... so most of the buildings in Seattle... their entrance is on like the second level.

After the tour was over we went to the Pike st Markets, a very busy place on a weekend thats for sure... it is where they have a fish stall that throws the fish around. I saw it once on TV and didnt realise it was there till I saw them throwing it about the place.

From there we went back to the Space Needle... this time my pics worked and thats whats in the albums. beautiful day nice and clear... there were 3 cruise ships (which is aparently normal) and you could see a long way. :)

we went back home for dinner, by then the ribs were smelling soo nice!! then after dinner we went to see Marina's sister, who she had not seen in almost 12 months. After this we decided it was time to drive home. We got 1000 questions at the border but didnt get told to go inside this time, we got back home at about 2am, and fell into bed.


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