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6 Months, 15 Countries, 2 Parents and 1 Two year old Look what we're up to this week!!!

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6 Months, 15 Countries, 2 Parents and a 2 year old

Welcome to our trip journal!

We are a 40ish couple with a two year old son.  I am a clinical psychologist, who after an extended maternity leave and return to work part-time is considering opening my own private practice.  My husband has worked for the same company for 18 years and is way overdue for a break of more than two weeks at a time.  As our lives have changed with the addition of our son, we have begun to contemplate a change of scenery as well as possible change of lifestyle.  Up until now we have followed the prescribed road: college, career, house, child. We need an adventure, and this is what we came up with - six months off, traveling the world!!!

This will (hopefully) be a space for regular updates for all our friends and family to keep track of us during our wonderful (and slightly scary) round the world trip. We may be crazy to take Jackson with us (afterall, he is only two, what can we really expect from him), but we're doing it and have high hopes for enjoying the adventure, no matter what happens!

Hope you enjoy my first attempt at blogging. If you want to contact us directly, our email address at csinclair2@msn.com is still the best.

Love you all, Christy, Chris and Jackson

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