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Australia Trip!! Setting out to discover the most powerful sense of freedom, happiness & growth.

About cassie27

Just me....:)

Just me....:)

Hi my names Cassie :) Or Coco..
I'm a easy going person, who loves to have fun & be around friends & family, they are my everything!
Some people in life wish to be pretty, rich, famous or popular. Me? I just want to be happy, that is the lession learnt in life!
I've been hairdressing over 5 years now, & i love it. I'm lucky enough to enjoy my work & couldn't imagen doing anything else. Two things i truly love are music, it takes me to a another place. & travelling, there's so much more to learn & see about different cultures and beliefs.
I believe we should be grateful for each day, as each day is a new one! Everyone has down days, and bad things happen, but i honestly believe once you let go of a negative, a positive will appear. & the key is to forget what hurt you in the past but never what it taught you. What doesn't break us, only makes us stronger.

Sunshine & positives are everywhere, some people just fail to notice it!! :)

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