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The Life of a Sufi

Trip: WorldNomads Scholarship

There are [6] stories from my trip: WorldNomads Scholarship

Wawk New Yawk

USA | Thursday, 8 Oct 2015 | Views [634] | Video

When I lived in London, people never looked up, only down at their feet.  I did the same on a New York trip recently.  Literal street photography.  And for soundtrack, put on headphones and imagine your own city scape.  Twenty-... Read more >

Tags: new york, street photography

Photos: Cabo de la Vela

COLOMBIA | Monday, 5 Oct 2015 | Photo Gallery

While travelling in La Guajira on the northern coast of Colombia.
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Tags: colombia, la guajira

The Desert Winds of Cabo

COLOMBIA | Monday, 5 Oct 2015 | Views [599] | Video

She always wears the same checked blue dress.  Her name is Rosasila and she’s eight years old.  She lives with her grandmother, Conchita, and her bed-ridden great grandmother.  I don't ask where her parents are.  Perhaps like ... Read more >

Tags: cabo de la vela, colombia, la guajira, wayuu

Photos: Sufi

SPAIN | Sunday, 14 Jun 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Marseille

FRANCE | Saturday, 23 May 2015 | Photo Gallery

Ça Bouge! The streets of Le Panier
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The Whistler of Marseille

FRANCE | Saturday, 23 May 2015 | Views [250] | Scholarship Entry

Ça bouge! is the cry of Marseille. It translates as ‘It moves!’ - perfect for this city of real contrasts that does just that. But no one’s told the colony of cats lazing in the soft evening sun on an anonymous church wall in Le Panier, the oldest part ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship