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The Life of a Sufi

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I knew from an early age my life would be one of a vagabond, a traveller, a Sufi.  Whatever you wish to call it, I call it a blessing.  Yet my parents were really to blame for encouraging my wanderlust instincts. 

In 1979, they bought me a small transistor radio for my sixth birthday.  It was red and black.  The local stations never interested me.  There was only one that always caught my ear: the odd and slightly exotic-sounding Radio Luxembourg. 

Each night I'd tune in to hear a sprinkling of French and German among the English.  I couldn’t understand a word but my imagination had been piqued and my traveller’s soul awoken.  There was no turning back. 

Since then, I’ve travelled to twenty-plus countries.  Sometimes for just a few hours, though usually for longer, occasionally for a holiday break and frequently for work.  Whatever the excuse, there’s always been one. 

To find new places, meet new people, breathe new smells, walk new paths and discover new routes. To tell stories.  

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