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The fifth episode: The Pyramids of Cairo.

EGYPT | Tuesday, 3 May 2016 | Views [366]

When I arrived in Cairo someone was waiting for me at the airport to arrenge my visa and drive me to my hotel. For traveling in Egypt I work with Kingfisher Tours. This is a local agency owned by Miriam, a woman from The Netherlands, living in Egypt for 16 years. Together we created the perfect travel plan in Egypt. I would advise anyone who wants to travel to Egypt to work with them. The hotel was perfect, completly decorated in Egyptian style. Since I was tired from Jordan and arrived in the afternoon and I had a bath I choose to do some washing, shaving and take a nice long bath to end the day with some food in the restaurant.

The next morning at 8:00 my private guide and driver were waiting in the lobby. I had some breakfast and we started the day. We started driving and talking and suddely, there they appear, the Pyramids of Giza! After buying the tickets and getting thru the security my guide told me all about the history. The site was almost empty, as most of the places in Egypt and Jordan now. Very good for pictures and personal experience but also very bad for the local economy. After enjoying the view and looking at the wonderful sights I climbed a little bit on the middle Pyramid and had a good look at the entrance without going in. Then we went to the other pyramids and have some good views and looks on the other Pyramids. We all know the Pyramids but to have a look at them with your own eyes is just an experience everyone should have. I took my time to enjoy the view before we worked our way down to the Sphinx. To be honest he was a bit smaller then I expected but knowing that they made that wonder 1000s of years ago is unbelievable. The details on that statue. Its a sight to never forget and a perfect picture place. I don't know if its because I went early but I did not encounter very annoying, agressive hard selling people. A few tried to sell things but not in the way internet was warning me for. We went the papyrus museum after this. That wasn't very impressive in my opinion, more like a quick view on how its made and a personal stalker to get something sold. I did buy one of the cheapest ok looking papyrus drawing. Look for what you want and say its this or nothing, it worked for me.

What maybe not everyone knows is that there are 2 other places with Pyramids in Cairo, Sakkara and Dashur. Those places are much more interesting since Giza is only good for pictures. Sakkara is quite remote and you can see Pyramids all around it in the distance. First need to pass the usual security check to get in. If you every wanted to be inside a Pyramid, pick Sakkara and Dashur sites, the climb inside is included in your ticket, not like Giza where you have to pay extra. I climbed upon the Pyramid to get to the entrance. The entrance looks great, the way down side is 1m², since i'm quite tall its not very comfortable but we didnt come for the comfort, we came for the adventure. Climbing down inside the Pyramid is an experience I will never forget, the feeling inside, I feel like a little kid and it feels good! At the end of the tunnel I enter the first room, its incredible how detailed the stepformed roof is. Its also quite hot inside and there's a terrible smell but again, part of the experience. The second chamber is right next to the first one, with a little door to it. To enter the tomb I need to climb big wooden stairs which echo thru the chambers. At the end of the stairs I walk into the tomb, its special to be in a place that was made for a pharao 1000s of years ago. I'm also lucky that I'm the only visitor, I'm all alone inside which makes the experience even better. The whole Pyramid is empty so after enjoying the view and experience I walk and climb back out to meet one other tourist on the way out. Its forbidden to take pictures in any grave in Egypt in theory but all 'guards' can be sold for 10 egyptian pounds, which is about 1 euro. I got back out and stared at the Pyramids closeby and in the far distance, such a wonderful view..

A little later it was time to drive to the last stop, Dashur and its Pyramids. This is where the steps Pyramid is and its surrounding temple. This is probably one of the oldest stone build building in the world. You can't enter this one but its impressive and at the other side is a pit that goes as down as the tomb in the Pyramid is. I think its around 28 meters deep. You can't see the bottom. Around it are all small temples, beautiful decorated as well. Just around the corner is another Pyramid, this one looks like a sand mountain but you can enter it to the tomb and in this tomb the sarcofage is still there. Its massive, also this tomb is decorated and beautiful, same rules reply, wanna take pitures? You need to bribe the guard. This was my last stop and I got a dinner in a local restaurant next to the site where they cook outside. Its in tents as well. A nice way to close this chapter down. I drive back to the airport and wait 2 hours where I lay back with a big smile on my face. Another wonderful day to never forget. Up to the next chapter, stay tuned!

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