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The first episode: Entering the Middle East.

JORDAN | Sunday, 24 April 2016 | Views [469]

Since many of you people requested a blog about my travel, I will try to keep one.
I will keep a list of all costs as well but will only write that down after the travel finished.
Where to start..? :)

The first episode:
After planning, preparing and not seeing friends for months, it's finally there. My 15 weeks of freedom to travel around the world! You have no idea wat weight fell off my shoulders and how much energy I got when checked out at work for the last time. Positive Vibes! Packed my backpack completly and realised I didn't take much with me at all, felt a bit shocking when you actually see how minimal I will travel. Handlugage and a weight of 7,6kg all included. I will write a complete list of my backback things down in a seperate post.

So leaving the hometown Bruges with pubic transport to Brussels Airport, since luck is on my side the first direct trains after the terrorist attacks from Bruges to Brussels Airport started the day I start my trip. Ofcourse it wouldn't be real without the usual delays. A bit weird to see that the airport looks like a military base at the moment but at least its open and a massive respect to all people who worked to make this happen as fast as possible. A big tip, if you walk in the airport and you see the water stand where you can take water and put one euro in the box, grab it! I seem to walk past them all the the time, to feel like an idiot later on and pay 3 euro for a water bottle. Remember this people! Time to jump on the first flight to Athens. Arriving there after a 3 hours flight to witness a beautiful sunset and to dream away looking at all those wonderful islands and stunning landscapes. Since I have to be back 4 hours later for my next flight I can only quickly go to Athens for a glimps of the Acropolis during nightfall. I love Greece, its history, mythology and its ruins.. Time catch my midnight flight to Amman, Jordan! Its on this flight, when flying over the coastline of Israël that I start to feel some excitement. Its night, clear sky and here I am looking down on probably the most religious place in the world. After landing in Amman its time to get my visa sorted. After paying 40 Dinars I finally get my first stamp on my passport. Since its 2:30am local time I have to wait 3 hours until the bus station in Amman opens, I wait for 2,5 hours in the Queen Alia International airport. After 10 minutes I' the only foreign guy left. Time to observe the locals. They look like oil sheiks to me and seem to be friendly people. I also noticed the airport sells icecream all night long! When its 5 in the morning I decide to take a taxi to the bus station. Big was y surprise when the taxi dropped me at something that looked like a shop and nothing in the area didn't even have a close thing of a bus station. So here I am in a capital in the middle east at night all alone on a street, no idea where I am, hoping that that was my bus station and it would open at 5:30. Hmm! 10 minutes to go and guess what, at 5:30 no action at all. Around 5:45 other people started to arrive and around 5:50 the shop finally opened and seems I was exactly where I needed to be! Half an hour later my 4 hour bustrip to one of my dream destinations started. Its just like a middle east movie. An old bus, traffic seems to have no rules at all, In those 4 hours I think we barely escaped 3 head on collisions. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. I wanted adventure so here it is. 23 hours after I left home I finally made it to my hotel in Wadi Musa. I just felt extreme tired and decided to take the rest of this day off to sleep, rest, and get a decent dinner. Its been a long day but in the end my plan worked and got me where I needed to be. Thats it for today people. Next chapter following soon!

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