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Puerta Vallarta Resort

MEXICO | Monday, 14 February 2005 | Views [1173]

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mexico, Day 1

Day 1 - Fuckin Heaven.

Need I say more?

10am catch a non stop flight (I get a window seat right on) absolutely crowded plane to an even more crowded customs room in Puerto Vallarta.
Then a bus to Palladium Vallarta, about an hour out of the city. Get a blue bracelet slapped on my wrist to never come off for a week, a key and a map of the resort.
Immediately change into appropriate attire, and make my way to the pool. Yea baby, I want a pina colada. Dump lots of tequila in there. YEA.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mexico Day 2

Day 2-

Reality sinks in.

My cellphone doesn't work in this country.
There's no internet access.
Payphone costs 1.11$ US a minute.
I'm gone, away from the world.
OK, so I go meet Pablo, and Argentinan guy who takes me to the pool, throws me a tank and some flippers, and I have my introductory scuba lesson. We swam around the bottom of the pool grabbing kids by the ankles for about 45 minutes... it was great ;) And back to the beach, I went kyaking. I don't have any pictures because my digital camera isn't Ocean-proof, so here, just have a look at my fearless self.
I mean, just look at those waves..... wow....

I passed out by 11pm.

No more drinking mexican shitmixes... Ugh

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mexico Day 3

So it's friday, and yesterday with all my free time between scuba and kyaking I booked a few excursions. Today I leave at 830am to hit the city, Puerto Vallarta.
We started with a four hour frikin drive I'm so damn tired I sleep the whole time. GOd its hotWalked around for a while, bored...

But Edwardo and Poncho the tour guides are funny, so I listen on occassion.
Did you know that PV has no unemployment? It's only grown the past 15 years? And there's lots of rich housing there... damn.
NO windows or doors on most of them... But yea, bought a nice skeleton thingy that I think is fuckin cool as hell.

Oh yea, then we went up to the jungle, walking down a rocky path to a restaurant without electricity and ate burnt pyrana or something like that. It was alright... I loved the view.

afterwards, we hit a local tequila factory, where they handmade their own tequila! (i hate the stuff but it was a nice educational tour)

Tequila does not have a worm in it. That's Mezcal, totally different.
Good tequila should never give you a hangover, look for the following: 100% BLUE agava, No additives or preservatives.
The plants they use take 10 years to grow, and they rip off the leaves using only the heart, which they then boil, and crush using the juices to ferment into the alcohol. Then they distill it.
You want it handmade. Distilled in a giant vat of wood and clay. That, is real tequila.

End of my day, I was pooped. (and buzzed)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mexico Day 4

wake up in the morning, and throw on my jean cutoffs because today ladies and gentlemen, i get on a horse for the first time in 8 years.

A small group of 4 jumped into a cab, and drove down a rickety old dirt road to a little ranch with flea ridden dogs and little horses. We all mounted, and attempted desiphering the battered english spoken by our tour guide.

we rode through a little village, looking at the culture and wildlife (mango trees and wild iguanas)
Eventually making our way down the the beach, where I galloped seaside, soaking everything I had (and even salting my camera)I lost my hat a total of 6 times. The tour guide picked it up for me every time. It's muddy and busted. I still have it.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mexico Day 5

My groin aches from yesterdays horseride, and today there aren't any excursions.

So I decide to jump on the local bus for only 8 pesos, and take a ride to Bucerias. A little town thats closeby.

I looked out the window (while holding on for dear life) watching the crazy mexicans riding in the back of trucks, the military mexicans and their machine guns on the side of the road, and then bus driver opening the door to let a passanger jump out so he doesn't have to stop.

I arrived into the town shortly thereafter, travelling with a couple of older gentlemen whom I found to be quite amusing, and drunk. We decided to stick together, just in case I got lost... We hit all the shops in the flea market, where the vendors displayed all there mexican made crap on outdoor tables, and sent little children up to you to sell more crappy junk.

I bought a cowboy hat for 15$ (normal cost in calgary 42$) just because I'm from "cowtown" (GOD I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC oh well Damn I looked good) and a matching bikini for 10$.

I changed in a crab infested restaurant bathroom that you needed water in a bucket to flush the toilet.

Drinking 1$ cervesas, and eating gigantic shrimp, I finally caved in and bought a painted ceramic turtle from a little kid for about 5$, and got a free picture. He even shed a tear ;) how photogenic can you be?

So yea, All day in town, and several cervesas later, I stumbled back to the bus stop, and headed home.

Buffet dinner, watched the badly choreographed theatre preformance, and went to bed

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mexico Day 7

So today is my last day here, (tuesday) before I leave. I had a great and fun filled week...

I booked a massage today to ease the pain that still lingers in my groin (bloody horses trotting ugh) and had a full body, soft swedish massage with aromatherapy and soft music. This is the shitty part- It was a girl, and the only part of my body she didn't massage was, YOU GUESSED IT! The part that hurt the worst. My inner theighs. Why didn't I get a lesbian?

I spent all day in the sun, trying to even my tan lines, and saying goodbye to the 30 degree weather that I was just getting used to.

Met a couple (Andrea and Cedrik) who I followed into PV, we hit some pubs, and followed an actual pub crawl from bar to bar, hoards of canadians in white T shirts getting hammered... Was interesting!

After a long night that went by too fast, I said goodbye to Night Mexico.

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