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hermitage Blaca

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Croatia | Thursday, 3 November 2011 | 4 photos

In 16th century two monks found shelter in small cave in remote dry Karst valley on the Croatian island of Brac. The area was so inhospitable that they named it "Pustinja Blaca" [pustinja=desert]. Through diligent work and sacrifice generations of monks transformed this isolated "desert" into monastery renowned of culture and astronomy trough the whole of the Mediterranean.

While ago I visited hermitage Blaca. A few months later I wrote nice article accompanied with good photos that got published in one Croatian travel magazine.

No matter if I go somewhere to take photographs for an article, cross-border nature protection project that I work on or on my daughter's birthday I know what kind of photography end-user expects. And I try to adjust my eye for that purpose. But that worm of pure photographic passion is always there. And when I see a scene that speaks to me all those thousand words I just have to capture it. Moments when you put viewfinder on your eye just to take photographs for yourself are sparks that keep photographer's flame burning.
These four photos were not published. I knew that they will not be considered for an article. But I just had to capture them.

Advice I could get under the African sun from a professional will help me reduce number of moments when I sit in front of a monitor watching photos and thinking: [email protected]%#! If I only moved a little to the left/right/up/down. With one foot in the door of NG, being a geographer, I know I'll find a way to squeeze through the rest of me.

These photos should describe me as a photographer. Their composition is enough to please viewer who does not know the story behind. Descriptions will explain how they extracted and enframed quintessence of hermitage Blaca.

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