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Granny Girl Guides, beanies & school supplies

INDIA | Saturday, 28 July 2012 | Views [974]

Beanies galore thanks to the Western Australia 'Granny Girl Guides'...

Beanies galore thanks to the Western Australia 'Granny Girl Guides'...

The Western Australia 'Granny Girl Guides' knitted their way through reams of vibrant wool to produce wonderful and as we were to discover - much coveted goodies. On leaving Australia our luggage full of kiddies clothes (thanks Amanda... ) and a plethora of yarn left little room for anything else. Around the Kumaon region heads are adorned with beanies and hands and feet kept warm with mittens and socks.

Ensconced in Jatoli for the installation of Solar Home Lighting, peAk also took the opportunity to supply the sixteen children of Jatoli School with all the educational goodies they would need for the school year. This included pens, pencils,coloured pencils, crayons, pencil case, rubbers, sharpener, plenty of exercise books, plain paper & the ever popular Hindu God cards. This year we were able to add wonderful, hand knitted beanies to all children as an added bonus to the school package - thanks to the efforts of the Granny Girl Guides. PeAk undertakes a school education project on an anual basis. In 2012 the provision of education goods was made possible thanks to private donations.



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