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Project Update

INDIA | Monday, 18 February 2008 | Views [553]

Kundun -  water tank delivery

Kundun - water tank delivery


So far, so good.... however our current project in Khati (Kumaon Himalaya) has been relatively slow to get going. A combination of inclement weather (a mix of sub-zero temperatures, snow and sun) and Kundun - who was given the job of headloading in some of the goods -putting a piece of 'ringal' (bamboo) through his hand resulting in a festy, swollen appendage has meant the process of tank and pipe delivery has occurred over a five week period.

A sizeable donation from friends has equiped us with basic first aid supplies and after a week of 'Dr Scott' intensive treatment Kundun's hand is all good. And we received the rest of our supplies! The tanks (500 litres) being an awkward size couldn't be placed on a mule hence they had to be 'headloaded' from Song to Khati, this involved deliveries in rain, hail, snow and sun....

The ground is now permanently frozen making siteworks difficult but that should change (ie: defrost) in the next few weeks. Our employee Ramesh has been unable to undertake any stone/carpentry work for the project as he has been out of the valley with his father who is ill.Unfortunately, hospital tests are exceptionally expensive it will cause much hardship to foot the bill.It has been a devastating couple of months for the family who lost all possessions in the Khati fire, however it is wonderful to be able to provide employment to Ramesh when the time comes to provide some sorely needed cash.

Having said all that.... site works have begun and we have all tanks, pipes and assorted equipment on site and as we are currently experiencing a dry spell the project should be completed in the next six weeks.

The kids have been endlessly fascinated by the two tanks and have decided while empty they make fantastic drums. The excitment of water for BKs School is palpable and I can hopefully bring you some 'beaming face' photos in the not so distant future.

Bonnie & Scott


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