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The 'library'

INDIA | Tuesday, 18 March 2014 | Views [523]

'playtime' in the library on an icy winters day. Winter school 2014.

'playtime' in the library on an icy winters day. Winter school 2014.

Over the last year peAk's library has worked very successfully in tandem with the government school in Khati. The new working system sees the students attend their morning school assembly at the government school (150 metres away) with the first class arriving at the library for a 1-2 hour session (age dependent), then back to regular classes with the next class 'tag teaming'.

The winter Library timetable runs from 10am-5pm six days a week, with the children having a break for lunch which is provided at school as part of the mid-day meal scheme. The teaching days at the government school remain dismally short (two to four hours a day) but at least, unlike previous years, the school remained open during most of the school year. However, the school frequently has long, extended holidays and this is where peAk steps in to ensure that the flow of education continues throughout these periods. This year Class 6 was included in the teaching timetable which was after school and of their own volition. This made a total of 53 students. 

This was the first year tht peAk kept the library open throughout the whole winter official school holiday period (20 Dec - Feb 3). This descision was met with enthusiasm by both the community and children - the latter suggesting that "classes during the holidays would be a great idea" - with the end result an excellent attendance rate during what should have been school holidays. It was nothing for the kids to come to our door an hour and a half early, ready for class, swathed in layers of clothing and with shawls in hand, offering various suggestions on what we could do or learn for the day! Most mornings were sub zero yet this did little to dent the sheer passionate zeal for classes.....



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