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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 5 October 2010 | 5 photos

I am a journalist by profession and I do occasionally get to travel on work. These pictures are from a trip to Israel in November 2009. The country (or rather Jerusalem and Tel Aviv where I went specifically), as I would discover over a week, is one with many many layers. Pretty much like India, where I come from.

Peel these layers off and you discover myriad traditions, cultures and sights - some seemingly conflicting. So on one hand, you have heavy security at the airports while the streets themselves are surprisingly free of any armed military men. Yet, I was actually out clicking pictures on streets till 2-3 every morning and never felt unsafe.

Then, Jerusalem is this religious city (the "religious centre of the world" as the locals call it) with a lot of fascinating history to it. And Tel Aviv, on the other hand, is the younger, hipper city with a throbbing nightlife.

Within the cities themselves, there were a lot of contrasting sights and situations. Swanky foreign cars v/s broken-down bicycles. Glitzy glassclad buildings v/s rundown houses with peeling paint. Ultra-orthodox religious followers covered in black from head to toe v/s ultra-modern young girls in short skirts. 18-year-olds with assault rifles (military service is mandatory) v/s 18-year-olds shopping at Zara. Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existing within the Old City of Jerusalem.

Small details fascinate me and this trip offered many such interesting/intriguing details that I could capture in my 350D's viewfinder. At the risk of sounding immodest, I do sincerely believe I have the necessary "eye for detail". What I do need to work on is a great sense of composition. And what I badly need is for someone to guide me and possibly mentor me. Which is what I am hoping I to get from this exercise.

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