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Baloch Historic Places

Travel Photography Scholarship 2012entry

Pakistan | Wednesday, 14 November 2012 | 5 photos

I am Nasir Ali Sajjad lives in Balochistan Pakistan. I speak Balochi as my mother tongue. By Qualification I am an Engineer, that I did in the field of Electronics in 1993 from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.
I have visited Oman in 1997, I am a good observer, researcher, and a good communicator along with verbal communication I also an advocate of the other form of non verbal communication those I account better for changing behaviors. I have a good sense of cultures and their way of leaving. I am good in cooking,.what about a photograph I have good sense of that. I am not a professional of this, but I understand my sense of drawing picture in free style would make me enable to shoot the best one. In my life I did used many still and digital camera but in this side my understanding regarding different camera is not excellent. One more thing I cannot use my both hands in using camera because my left joint is not mobile. I got a joint fracture in 1996 in a football match and after having surgery my joint couldn’t be mobiled. If you think , I can make a difference then kindly select me otherwise reject me straight forward.

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Balochi Cultural Ritual Shayfarjah is being celebrated at Tump Kech

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