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Iguazu and Iguaçu

BRAZIL | Saturday, 15 November 2008 | Views [639]

Tis all a bit of fun though

Tis all a bit of fun though

There`s these really big waterfalls right on the borders of Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina.  They`re called Iguazu or Iguaçu depending on whether you`re in Portugese speaking territory (Brasil, folks) or Spanish speaking lands - like Argentina, say.  We went there.  To both.  Know what?  They`re REALLY BIG!  We got wet.

Made our way south from wonderful Rio on another bus... just a wee 24hrs... to the town Foz de Iguaçu.  This is the launching pad for visits to the Brasillian side of the falls.  Its a pretty straight forward matter of getting a bus from town out to the tourist site for viewing the falls and surrounds. 

Pretty straight forward that is, if you`re not lugging your 20-something kilo packs with you, cos you plan to kick on to Argentina straight after the falls!  Big back-pack, day pack and big floppy hat that is oh so nice but such a total BITCH to carry around everywhere, do not combine well with bastard, poorly designed impossible to turn turnstiles that you have to pass through ON the bus which is lurching and swaying wildly cos the driver thinks he`s the latest thing in bloody rally drivers!!  But enough of the joys of budget travel (damn private helicopter never DID bluddy arrive)... on with the falls!

We managed to blank out the crowds of rich old tourists at the site.  When I say we, of course I mean, I kinda managed and Ben fumed fairly quietly.  Most of the time.  But you know what? Once we cleared the packs and trecked on down to the boardwalks right near the falls - all was fine. 

It was better than fine.  These falls are a series of MASSIVE (as in wide) cascades pouring off the top of what is essentially a river flooded plateau.  It ROARS!  And the spray is enough to not only obscure a lot of the view but also to soak you through pretty quickly.  And thats from a kilometre or so away.  The boardwalk that perches out on the river at the foot of one set of falls and the top of another set of falls (precarious??) is where you get a true drenching!  Of the senses AND body.  Well impressed!

Much needed drenching over (we`d been on a bus for 24hrs remember)... we returned to our lockers to get the trustee packs and off we set for the Argentinian side of the falls.  Yes, there WERE more turnstiles involved but we`re cool now.  Literally.  Besides, there were also border crossings involved, which means STAMPS!  Which is exciting!

Arrival back in Argentina saw us smiling and happy to be back in the land of reasonable prices, posh buses, cheap beers and great wine!!!

Checked into a hostel and slept to the sounds of a massive storm and torrential downpour going on outside.... wonder what the falls will be like tomorrow?!

MONSTROUS!  Is what they were like!  Full to the brim and overflowing.  A lot.  The boardwalks and such like on this side tended to be mostly on top of the falls.  So you get to stand and peer over at bazillions of tonnes of water whisking away and over the edge.  One particular view point is poised over the "Devils Throat".  A section where the river converges on what can only be described as a big plug-hole.  As you approach this along the boardwalk, it truely looks like some kind of gigantuan water vortext.  Coo-wul!

Time ran out on us.  We finished up all our oohing and ahhing and needed to bolt for our next (and final!!!!) long bus journey.  This one on a posh bus (WE GOT CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!) to mighty Buenos Aires.

Thats right! 

Back to where it all began! 

We have officially completed the full South American Loop! 

How elated do we feel right about now?!


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