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Easing into Ecuador

ECUADOR | Thursday, 21 August 2008 | Views [634] | Comments [1]

Thus far, Ecuador is treating us well.  The best thing so far?.... its WARM!  Oh woops!  Sorry to all those at home (no where near the equator) suffering a horrid, wet, cold winter!  Didn´t MEAN to do that nasty traveller-gloat thang! :-)

Our first stop in Ecuador was a wee valley village called Vilcabamba.  Written up as a good place for chilling out.... but well... I guess we weren´t in the mood for chilling out - cos we left.  May also have something to do with the fact that our accomodation seemed a little more like a retirement village... and the town itself seemed to shut down at about 7.30pm! 

So onto a bus we jumped (after missing our first one cos we were both reading intsead of watching the road for our bus) and off to Cuenca we went. 

Cuenca is supposed to be one of (if not THE) most beautiful city in Ecuador.  Have to admit... WE were impressed.  Not just at the stunning colonial (so the guide book says) architecture, but also at the fact that its all lit so prettily at night.  Lots of the little streets are not only cobblestoned, they´ve also got some tiling effects and stuff.  Theres a stunning plaza, a gorgeous wee lookout hill/park and the BEST DAMN ICECREAM PLACE EVER!  Well maybe not EVER cos that one in Rome was.... well anyhoo... we ate lots of really yummy icecream. 

Our room in Cuenca had us standing on the 3rd floor balcony almost able to reach across to touch the nearest of the gorgeous lit churches.  From the same balcony we also got to see the lighting of a giant catherine-wheel meets the terminator style fire-work thingy as part of a fiesta.  Not long after witnessing sparks and rockets blasting all over the crowd and nearby cars we heard the ambulance careening in the direction of said firework spectacular.  Ah yes - South American Oc. Health and Safety is just a little more relaxed than Oz.  Cool!

Dragged ourselves away from Cuenca (and the icecream) to make our way down out of the hills and to the coast here at Guayaquil.  BIG BUSY city that was once reknowned for crime and other such evil-doing but has obviously come a long LONG way.    As well as a pristine boulevardy thing along the river, this place has a plaza that is literally crawling with Iguanas!!!  Much faster than sloths, people!! 

So our main mission for our stay here was the easier said than done task of securing a couple of snorkels and gorkels in preparation for OUR TRIP TO THE GALAPAGOS!!! 

Yes, we ARE very excited!  Yes, it WILL be hideously expensive!  But no, we DON´T care.  Much.  At the moment.  It HAS to be done. 

So do it we will.




Ah my two little David Attenboroughs (scuse spelling)I will of course expect a documentary style report on your trip to the Galapagos using your best Attenborough voices.
You lucky things - lots of photos please.

  Fiona Aug 21, 2008 4:29 PM

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