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Week 3 - Time to Practice

CHINA | Sunday, 25 August 2013 | Views [617]

Week 3 was upon us and it was time to get into the classrooms and start teaching practice.

We were split into groups of four, and given our age groups. I had Agnes, blonde Marcus, Andreas and myself, and we would have to prepare lessons for 12-13 year olds. We weren't sure of their English level, or how many students we would have. So the first day was a challenge to say the least.

Unfortunately there were no funny names in our class room. There was a Sheldon Cooper floating around the school and a few other funny ones, but my memory fails me.

My 30 minute lesson quickly turned into a 15 minute lesson as I realised what I had was way too easy for the students. (they were a seriously smart bunch of 12 year olds)

The second lesson went a lot better. The students seemed to enjoy it and were very interactive.

Even though we only had to prepare a half hour lesson each day, it was very tiring, standing in front of 20 kids each day and teaching them. So a nap was in order on return to BUU each day.

The last day saw us having two half hour classes in one day, it was that or having to do a class on Saturday, no thank you! That was the longest day. But it was broken with a game of handball in my lunch break. Just like high school days. Took a while to get back in the swing of it, but by the end of the lunch break I was back!

After surviving our first week of teaching it was time to celebrate. Beers, followed by more beers, then a trip to the beloved "Helen's" bar.

"Helen's" was a lot like a tavern back in Australia. Without the pokies and the pool tables. It was more a restaurant of western food, than a bar. But it turned out to be the location of many nights out, or at least the starting point. Depending on what night of the week you were there as to what activity they had on. One night was BINGO night, another was Ladies night. Both were good nights to go.

There would be photos of my class I taught in teaching practice, however, the night of celebrations saw me misplace my phone in the whirlpool known as Mix.

Never to be seen again.

Needless to say, I spent the weekend researching what phone to buy and where to buy it. Then setting it up.

That was the end of week 3.


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