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A Long Winter in Beijing

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | flickr photos

Choose me if you want someone who will really use this opportunity. You've seen my work for three years. You know I have potential and I know you can help me unleash it. For me, this is not the recession-inspired whim of the temporarily unemployed. It's real. This would kickstart a new career in reportage photography.

I've already started. This year I exhibited in Beijing in a show highlighting the city's cultural heritage. I spent 2010 building a body of work. Soon I will document an eye-testing scheme for underprivileged children which I designed for my old law firm's pro-bono program. I'm developing contacts with photojournalists. I'll soon help a leading gallery plan to broaden Beijing's photographic education offering. I'm building my foundation, patiently and methodically. But I could really use close professional guidance on my own work and how to take it further. Working with you will give me the intense mentoring I know I need.

Good photography takes time to develop. I never forget that Salgado started at 30 or that HCB said your first 10,000 photos are your worst. I'm self taught through years of practice and studying the great photographers, and I've created my own style. I want to improve; I want to succeed. I will bring to the scholarship my passion for great composition without resort to cliche or gimmicks, and for insightful stories. And, not least, a keen desire to learn everything I can.

Choose me, because more than anything, I will make the most of this chance. A decade from now, you won't wonder "whatever happened to that guy I took to Africa". You'll be seeing my work on the gallery wall and illustrating the best stories of the day. Choose me, teach me, and let me impress you.

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