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Another Day, Another Adventure

Healthcare Exploration

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014 | Views [253]

Today was all about health because we were able to visit a hospital! The hospital was located in Baños, and it was a level one hospital meaning they do not have the capability to do major surgeries. For example, they cannot do a caesarean section ... Read more >

Media Production and Family Time

ECUADOR | Monday, 6 Jan 2014 | Views [279]

Have you been on TV before? Well we were on TV in Cuenca for about 10 seconds when the camera panned to us while we were watching a cooking show be taped live at the Unsión television station. It was so interesting for me to visit the station ... Read more >

Our Way to the Ingapirca Ruins

ECUADOR | Sunday, 5 Jan 2014 | Views [244]

Today was a big culture shock and culture absorption day. It all began during our drive to visit the Ingapirca ruins. We drove through and stopped in the town of the Cañari indigenous tribe. We first drove past their little stop along the side ... Read more >

Adventures and Family Time

ECUADOR | Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 | Views [199]

Today I got to do something I have dreamt about doing since I was young: zip-line! Nine of us decided to spend our free day zip-lining through the forests of Ecuador, and I was very excited! I was excited because not only did it mean I was going to be ... Read more >

Vamos a Bailar!

ECUADOR | Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 | Views [285]

Today was filled with dancing! From watching and joining in with my host family dancing on New Year’s and seeing handicrafts in the markets and stores resembling dancing, I have been eager to actually learn and partake in this part of Ecuadorian ... Read more >

First Week Reflections

ECUADOR | Thursday, 2 Jan 2014 | Views [292] | Comments [1]

Well, my first week in Ecuador has been amazing! I have learned so much of Ecuadorian culture in the past few days, and I have been able to relate the majority of my experiences and observations back to our class material/discussions. One thing that ... Read more >

Happy New Year!

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014 | Views [294]

We met our host families today! This had me very nervous the entire bus ride to Cuenca today because I will be with my family alone with no roommate; however, this feeling of nervousness quickly went away when I met my host mother, Cecilia. Cecilia greeted ... Read more >

A Day of Driving and Hosterías

ECUADOR | Monday, 30 Dec 2013 | Views [331] | Comments [1]

Driving from Quito to Riobamba was today’s agenda. We got on the road at about 8 am after eating a delicious breakfast filled with fresh fruit, cereal, meats, and breads! After two hours of driving we stopped at Hostería La Ciénega ... Read more >

Quito Fun

ECUADOR | Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 | Views [218]

                Today was an action packed day! We began the day with breakfast at 7:30 am in Hotel Otavalo and then began our drive from Otavalo to Quito. After over an hour of driving through the beautiful and ... Read more >

Photos: Memories From Ecuador

ECUADOR | Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Finally in Ecuador!

ECUADOR | Saturday, 28 Dec 2013 | Views [271] | Comments [1]

I have arrived in Quito, Ecuador! The journey was a little nerve-wracking on my own; but I made it through the flight from Minneapolis to Miami sitting next to a crying baby, the five hour layover in Miami, and customs in Ecuador! UMAIE and CEDEI had ... Read more >

Culture Exploration

USA | Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 | Views [195]

In a world so big with numerous countries and groups of people, we are all simply human beings. But is it really that simple? What is it that makes the world so complex and distinguishes us all from each other? Culture. Culture has many different meanings;... Read more >

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