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Running Amok in Cambodia

About armchairtravellingfoodiesunite

Louise Edney, Almost Nutritionist, small (food) business owner, Mother, wife. 

I was in a bit of a technology infused rush and am not really sold on my journal name....ah well. Wifi was down, mobile with hotspot out of charge...in hindsight, the name I'd prefer for my journal is da na na.... GLOBE TROTTING NUTRITIONISTA.

I'm hoping, in a humble way, to make a little difference around the globe, by educating people about food choices, the ethics of what we eat and health and nutrition, whilst maintaining a nurturing relationship with the food we put on our tables and into our mouths.  I'm not into overnutritionalising the food we eat. I just want people to be happy eating real food, guilt free. Sounds simple right?

What I loved about travelling through Asia, was the uncomlicated relationship most people had with food. They ate opportunistically, some pumpkin leaves, a little rice, a chicken foot and how tasty is a dish like that when you've been trekking or pounding rice for 30 minutes?  

Most of us in developed countries have lost our connection to the earth and food and instead of picking herbs from the backyard, depend on the giant supermarket chains for all of our food.

Let's reclaim the food chain and eat to our health.  There is power in the money we spend on food. Let's purchase wisely.


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