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Everything out of Nothing. Nothing out of Everything.

CHINA | Sunday, 18 July 2010 | Views [620]

Or: how making no plans leads to beauty.

****CHECK OUT THE PICKS IN THE GALLERY***(Xiamen & Gulang Yu)****

This morning, for some reason I decided to look for an internet cafe. Don't know why I didn't want to use the internet here in the hotel. And, as you know, I met Slim. But the story does not end here. After thinking I needed to gat out of there, Slim helped me organzize my trip to Yongding. that is when it occurred to me: I am not going to Yongding today. I don't want to be on the run, I want to travel, see with all five (or six) senses.

He then said he would come along, with me show me the city. Ha! And that from someone who needed to work:) I guess its ok on a Sunday:) We made our way back to my hotel, before we went and got some dumplings stuffed with cabbage and green onions and ginger and I think pork. For breakfast.

While I was wanting to check out of my hotel, he saw (I couldn't read that, it justb looked pretty to me..) that they were offering trips to Yongding! Yay! So, tomorrow, I am going for a one-day trip to Yongding. Three hours there, three hours back. We leave at eight.

Slim (his english name, he uses it on the internet - his real name is something like ue-zing, I think) and I spent the day talking about sameness, and difference, going to the local temple, eating his favorite food for lunch (actually It wasn't his favorite, because I ordered the seafood version - he likes pork). The food was amazing. I loved the soup, and the sechuan octopus, and the other thing. And believe it or not, we met more people - a mother and her son - with whom we spent two/ three hours exploring the temple grounds, nature, hihking, and great views from the top. She is a designer for tes boxes. Tea seems to be important here!

I really didn't have any clue on what I wanted to do today, or tomorrow, and that flexibility allowed for this to happen. Its great. Made me think of oall the things that could happen if we had no plan, just intentions. Or, even if we took it a step further: if we hadn't any definitions of how we are ("I am ..." - that takes away all the other options!). Maybe we don't need to find who we are, maybe we don't need to know!

Here are some random observations mixed in a salad for your pleasure:

  1. Wish I could speak more Chinese. Some people do speak English and I am happyn to report that it is not the way these English & American expats tried to make me believe: people here are more friendly than in Hongkong, I think!
  2. Croutchless panties for babies are huge here. Or no pants at all.It seems to be like with everything else: babystuff is cute, even if its pee!....That takes care of the whole environmental issue associated with that. Plus babies buttm is aleways nice and aired. You just run to the side of the strewet, or above a garbage bin when nature comes...
  3. We just don't ride against traffic on out motorcycle, talking on the cellphone enough, in Western cultures. Amazingly, it works. People just watch out. Or all of these very good people have unparalleled guardian angles.
  4. I am famous here! And I am not saying that just with no reason: After Slim had gone home to his girlfriend (who had to work today, Sunday!)(and yes, he has a girlfriend! I was relieved, too:) Makes life easier.), I went back to Gulanyu (island in front of the island of Xiamen). I was sitting on steps, after this long, walk-intensive day, writing in my journal, having coconut juice (its still the BEST!). People just came up and pointed their cameras at me! Not even trying to hide it! I laughed so much that this one guy actually came back and asked if that was ok:) Weird. I am really famous here. I wonder: Is it the shoes? (Lots of pointing fingers about that..) or the hair? Or the way I have put my hair up with a scarf?hmmmm...
  5. Everyone was soo relaxed, good humored and just in a very good mood today and yesterday. The air was fillled with the joy of the weekend, spending time with the family and with love between sweet (and young!) boyfriend and girlfriend. I think I saw one other non-asian tourist on the island. That seems to be a theme here..everyone takes stuff slow. Even shouting at children is done slow, I feel...or is it me?

Ok. Enough random thoughts for now. But really, I am thinking if ther eis too much definition in everything. Oh, and I have to tell you where this headline came from. It was carved in one of the temple stones. Think about it...my candy bar, life, the universe...  

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