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Malaga, Straciatella, and the art of tourist watching

SPAIN | Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | Views [589]

And so travelimg begins once again. I missed this for so long, but I must say that leaving home has gotten harder. And that is albeit the fact that I have been longing to "just get away from here, see places and be with myself" for a while now. It's bittersweet, but, with just a little bit of luck, it will turn from bittersweet into very sweet, when we reunite.:) thanks Janya. Reached Malaga yesterday evening. Took the bus into the city. i am doing this new thing where I ask myself "what would someone who loves themself do" every time I come p to a decision point, and then just go with whatever comes to my mind. It is a liberatingly easy way of making decisions. Of course, being someone who has trained herself so far to make decisions purely based on merits, and pro-con-weighing, I am sometimes afraid to ask the very question..knowing I am committed to do it..:) After spending the day walking around this city my impressing is that of a clan, tourist city with a lot of charm. Small passways between old houses, cathedrals, towers, roman relics, and all interspersed with moorish marks. Marble and decoraions galore, the streets are white and oh so very clean! I saw the cleaning troups this morning, washing everything with high pressure water...it's really clean. Many cafes have. Seating outside, and a friendly mix of French, Dutch, German, American, and yes, the occasional Spanish is heard. Ok, I am exaggerating, there are quite a few Spanish speaking people around. And they are really friendly, even to someone who is like me completely confused about how to say things...(even though, in my defense, I understand a lot:)).. The highlights of today were the view from the roman structure (they are on a hill, and I could see almost the whole city from there..!), walking around getting lost, and finding myself again, and shopping at the mercado, fruit galore! They even had a fruit I don't know...yes that's right, fruit lady did not know this one..:)...what it it? See the picture below. It's really really dulce, but I don't think you eat the skin. Inside are some good sized brown stones...I also got a custard apple, three oranges, and one banana, and paid 3.95€ for all that! Mjam! Now, at this cafe, and the whole day I have enjoyed watching tourists and peolple in general. there is thie petit French, and the talkative Dutch, the tempramental Spanish, and the seemingly fearful German. And of course there is a mix of all of that. An site that looked like from a movie was the school children all dressed in uniform, listening to their teacher's announcement before going into the cathedral.. Tried to spy myself amongs all these school children. Was I the quiet type? I think so. Did I sit around or run with the others? What if I could go to that me now? Just some gentle vacation reflections... Tomorrow, I will go to the Picasso museum..it's not open on Mondays..go figure. And then I decided to go to Tarifa right away..skip Cordoba for now :) beach, water, dolphins, horses, windsurfing...I'm coming!! Ps. I would have loved to add photos, but it is really impossibly inconvenient to do it from the ipad.it's either a crappy app or a crappy worldnomads requirement, or a crappy ipad requirement, or all of the above, but its not working.

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