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New Zealand/Campervanning and the Britz Beast

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 20 May 2007 | Views [4476] | Comments [4]

So I've been away about five days and time has absolutely flown. Today is the first day we have had off from long long drives and thats only because the weather has stopped us. I think you could spend months in New Zealand quite easily as we have driven past so many attractions and detours we would like to have done but simply do not have the time - even with three weeks up our sleeve.

We arrived into Christchurch about 3 oclock and the weather was pleasantly warm. One BIG argument with the rental company later and our camper eventually arrived - quick show through - its in pretty good shape for an old vehicle and off we set towards our caravan park. Took the first wrong turn but as designated navigator for the trip I managed to get us safely back to the caravan park. Being navigator works really well as you always get the front seat and dont have to drive but will work even better when Mum learns to actually listen to me and take orders (ie never - the trials and tribulations of campervanning with your parents!) Its great though - the van is spacious and we are able to shop at supermarkets - I'm on a big budget - not having an income is really starting to sink in.

Christchurch was stunning - the buildings are amazing and so English. There is a huge cathedral in the centre of the city which is cool and we spent the morning wandering along through town along the Avon River which runs right through the centre of the city. We headed off that afternoon and reached Lake Tekapo about 4:30 after a few hundred kms and ended up free camping for the night just near the lake. The scenery is just beautiful and the whole of NZ seem to be like this. The area is so mountainous and rugged - nothing like we have at home. Huge mountains just rise out of these azure blue lakes and even though we have not yet hit winter there are some areas which are still covered in snow. Once we got up to the mountains it got very very very cold and the nights are freezing.

Headed off to Queenstown the next morning with a few stops to buy some fresh freshwater salmon and to try some sheeps milk camembert (very strong) before setting up in a van park about 400m outside the centre of town. Queenstown is very offpeak at the moment but still lots of people and very pretty and very cold (have I said that before?) The lakes are stunning and the next morning we drove along a gorge to get to the Shotover jet which was awesome! So fast and the 360 degree spins were thrilling - at some places I could have reached out and touched the wall. It was at this point that I decided to move to Queenstown and marry Mike our driver - hellooooooo hottie!!!

Anyway we are now holed up in Lake Te Anau a peaceful town about 2 hours drive south of Milford Sound for the day while we sit out a 'severe weather warning'. Still it is nice to stop and do some washing and get a chance to relax and read etc.

My time is about to run out so I had best be off. 20 minutes really flys!

Will update soon :) I'm having a ball!!!

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i'm going to keep a record of how many ``ohmigod i could marry him'' calls you make this trip :-)
just don't end up marrying one - especially if they live on a remote island with no airport. . .
have your parents caught on to the navigator ploy yet?

i would take unemployment and living on a budget anyday. . no fun having money when you have to spend it on unfun things like hydro, washing powder and toilet paper. . . :-P


  Lize May 21, 2007 12:18 PM


Hullo Bananna!!

Sounds like you're having an awesome time - although a bit cold - (must feel like your somewhat still home)!

Look forward to your updates :) Talk soon xx

Love Bec

  Bec May 21, 2007 1:20 PM


A Blonde navigating for a mother. I would love to hear your old man's version of events.......

Enjoy Chicko.

  Jacko May 21, 2007 8:01 PM


Hey gorgeous girl....
Oh so nice to hear your beautiful stories. Missing you LOADS. It's just not right not being able to pop around the corner and see you...I have even put a stop to watching McLeods as just can't do it without ya (the opening song you would always sing now has me in tears!) But on a good and selfish note ... NZ sounds awesome!! And being only a week away from Christchurch ourselves i am now even more excited after reading about the place. Though a week is NOT going to get us far is it?? Take care gorgeous and Enjoy! Love Andy xx

  Andrea May 24, 2007 12:33 PM



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